Former French President Hollande Warns of Uncertain Future for Ukraine, Links Outcome to 2024 US Election

Former French President Francois Hollande

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times published on June 9, 2023, former French President Francois Hollande shared his insights on the ongoing war in Ukraine and its potential resolution. Hollande emphasized that the conclusion of the conflict would largely hinge on the outcome of the upcoming 2024 US presidential election. He speculated that if former President Donald Trump were to be reelected, he would be inclined to advocate for a halt to further military engagement, allowing Russia to retain any territorial gains. Hollande argued that Trump’s stance would be driven by the exorbitant costs associated with the war.

Reflecting on the changes that have transpired since his own tenure, Hollande noted a significant shift in the global geopolitical landscape. He highlighted the consolidation of the Russia-China axis, which has emerged as a formidable force challenging Western powers. This shifting dynamic, according to Hollande, has contributed to the clarity surrounding the formation of a new geopolitical order.

The former French president’s remarks underscore the profound implications the 2024 US presidential election could have on resolving the conflict in Ukraine. With the rise of the Russia-China axis and their growing influence, Western nations face an increasingly complex and challenging environment. As the world eagerly awaits the outcome of the upcoming US election, the future of Ukraine hangs in the balance, dependent on the decisions of the next American leader.