Francophonie: Canada and Quebec “publicly stabs” the second candidacy of Mrs. Michaelle Jean and participate in the coronation of Mrs. Louise Mushikiwabo of Rwanda.

It seems that the carrots had already been cooked for Mrs. Jean for a long time. Criticisms of his management were the main factors that hindered his reelection. It was last Wednesday that Québec’s Prime Minister-designate, Mr. François Legault, met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame (currently acting President of the African Union) in the presence of his Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo. It was already heard congratulating the latter even before the conference of the OIF definitely takes its choice on it. As a reward, Quebec is waiting for the lucrative post of director of the OIF after supporting the opponent of Ms. Jean.

This is the same story from the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau. The Canadian government had already publicly announced that it would not support his candidacy even before he left for Yerevan in Armenia. He would have swapped the candidacy of his compatriot, Mrs. Jean, against the Rwandan. He hopes by this unusual gesture to please Africans who can support him for a seat on the UN Security Council. This is still unspeakable. Many people here think that this is a mistake and a lack of consideration for the black community. Canada and Quebec have done well in their efforts to remove Ms. Jean, the current Secretary General. Diplomatic rules would have dictated support for a Canadian compatriot. We should not at any time ridicule or weaken it. She is Canadian and her country should defend and support her as Americans do with their compatriots outside their country. His country refused him an honorable exit and plotted for his ejection. The rules of consensus and democracy have not been respected. Would Madame Jean have suffered the same fate if she was white? a lot of people here think no. Aboriginals, whites and non-whites currently make up the 3 categories of citizens of Canada and Quebec. The last named are often discriminated and are more likely to be monitored for any gesture. One multiplies by 1000 their faults to aggravate them excessively in order to discredit them and very open on the public place. Canadian media can search the accounts of OIF at the time of Mr. Abdou Diouf when the administrator of this organization was a Canadian-Quebecois white. I am sure they will find extraordinary expenses. Yet, we do not talk about it. Also, only the province of New Brunswick supported it from beginning to end. It is a position to salute and she is brave and fair.

Nevertheless, the record of the outgoing secretary general is nil in terms of achievements. The human rights situation has not improved. We have never heard it denounce electoral fraud, massacres of innocent citizens, wars like in Mali etc …. In reality she did nothing. Africa, which is home to more than 60% of Francophones, saw it only 3 times during its mandate. But what is the choice of Rwanda?

The choice of Mrs. Louise Mushikiwabo

Rwanda is no longer a French-speaking country since the current president came to power in 2000. The human rights situation in this country is not very good. The repression is without mercy. In addition, the latter would have changed the constitution to remain in power until 2034. He is currently in his third term. But its economic record would be satisfactory according to several sources concordant. According to the World Bank, Rwanda has recorded an average annual growth rate of 7.5% between 2000 and 2017. Poverty and inequality have also fallen sharply.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects again growth of 7.2% in 2018, then 7.8% in 2019. A performance sufficiently rare on the continent to be underlined and questioned. Sign of “good governance”, the public debt remained contained at 40% of GDP in 2017 and the fight against corruption has recorded the best performance in the region, according to the World Bank. Political stability also reassures investors. It must be said that President Kagame, who concentrates most of the powers, is systematically reelected since 2003. But we should pay attention to these figures because these institutions are not necessarily there for the interests of Africa. They are there to deceive the African leaders by making them believe in falsehoods, lies and illusions in order to further indebt them and plunge their countries into the meanders of hell where they will never go unscathed.

In fact it is France, which has imposed Rwanda to lead the OIF. It is also the main contributor of this organization to more than 50% of its budget. The choice of the latter always happens because some African heads of state are only puppets or even slaves. They dare not contradict their white master. Otherwise they risk losing power by coup d’etat or other shenanigans as in the case of Thomas Sankara. Moreover, this former colonial power wanted to redeem itself and make a new face against the heavy accusations that weigh on her in the Rwandan genocide file.

A lot of success for Mrs. Louise Mushikiwabo.

Our congratulations on her election as head of La Francophonie and we wish her every success. As the mayor of Quebec City recently said, “there is no sense of the Francophonie anywhere”. It is not heard in Africa or elsewhere in poor countries either. Its absence from the field has meant that Africans have already started to abandon French. It is also expected on the issue of human rights and the conflicts and wars that still and unfortunately many victims. She should start by sweeping in her yard that contains lots of garbage before giving clean lessons to others.

Gondiel ka

Montreal, Canada


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