GCRHR welcome the arrest of General Karake in London and urge Rwandans survivors of his crimes to come out

Global Campaign for the Rwandan Human Rights welcome the arrest of General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake by the UK police as result of arrest warrant that has been issues by Spanish judge for alleged crimes against humanity.

We are hoping that the justice of people who are thought to have been assassinated by General Karake and solders he commanded will finally get justice we they have been waiting for two decades.

Furthermore we urge security services and Police to step up security of Rwandan citizens in UK who are likely to be victims of the Rwandan government assassinations squads.

It was a serious breach of their security for allowing General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake to enter and leave UK freely considering that his intelligent services have been found to be behind the failed assassination plot against General Nyamwasa according to a South African judge, they are also being suspected to be behind the assassination of Colonel Karegeya in South Africa.

On additional to that considering that the Scotland Yard Anti-terror Police wrote to two Rwandan human rights and political activists in London warning them that their lives was in danger and that they believed that Rwandan government operatives can use conventional and unconventional methods to kill them, allowing General Karake to work around free in London contradict with believes Police expressed about intelligent services that Karake is heading.

We are also urging survivors and witnesses of General Karake alleged atrocities to come forward and give testimonies that might be useful in the pursuit of justice. You can send us your testimonies to [email protected]

Global Campaign for the Rwandan Human Rights