Gen Emmanuel RUVUSHA continues to recruit for M23 in northern Rwanda despite a recent meeting held in Kampala by great lakes region’s Presidents.

Breaking News – Gisenyi- Gen Emmanuel Ruvusha of Rwandan Defence Force continues to corrupt and violate United Nation’s on going efforts in the D.R.Congo by recruiting and deploying younger men for M23.

At around midnight (08/08/2012), Gen Emmanuel Ruvusha rounded up young men, offering them 100 000 FRW to join the rebel movement known us M23 in the North Kivu.

Reports reaching out desk also confirmed that the same operation involve UNHCR members who are RPF agents operating in the Nkamira camp, Gisenyi, who are then rewarded 300 000FRW, after the operation.

Gen Emmanuel Ruvusha is the head of the army in the north region of Rwanda. He is, together with other Rwanda army officers, implicated in the UN’s Group of Experts report published amid the growing concerns of Rwanda’s support to M23 rebel movement. A report which GoR is strongly opposing.

We are closely following on this story.

E. Rutikanga