Gen Jack Nziza, ” My biggest regret was my failure to realise that James Kabarebe was my greatest enemy.

Gen Jackson Nkurunziza

By Gakwerere

I put focus on rats, while failing to understand the threat from a quiet hyena. I am on Gatebe mainly because of James Kabarebe’s lies about me to his excellency. Unfortunately, the attack didn’t come from the usual suspects.”

Dear oppressed Rwandans, minus criminal Paul Kagame. These assassins would eliminate each other. The satanic system would crumble to it’s knees, as different functions would hunt each other down. Through divide and rule, criminal Paul Kagame has managed to create an atmosphere of hatred, jealousy and mistrust among his sycophantic hyenas. They totally loathe each other to death.

While Gen Jack Nziza used to put his focus on destroying and crashing other blue eyed boys like Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro or Gen Dan Munyuza, in the fight for the control of criminal Paul Kagame’s ear. The former security enforcer didn’t predict or realise that the head of J3 was a far serious threat to his influence than anyone within the satanic regime.

In 2010, Gen Jack Nziza fabricated a case against Gen James Kabarebe’s brother inlaw –
Colonel Diogene Mudenge, where he was imprisoned for over a year under Jack Nziza – DMI fabricated charges. The then Powerful Gen Jack Nziza wanted to see the reaction of Gen James Kabarebe who had just been appointed as the minister of defence..

However, the clever and sly James Kabarebe knew the traps that Gen Nziza was setting for him. The clever, smart and dangerous James Kabarebe distance himself from this fabricated case or didn’t interfere in trying to save his brother inlaw.

Like criminal Paul Kagame, Gen James Kabarebe is a master of timing, patience, calmness and smartness. And the zeal to execute missions without any single mercy are his trademarks, the assassinations of Journalist Charles Ingabire or Col Patrick Karegeya are case in point. He doesn’t rush(ntahubuka) like Jack Nziza or Dan Munyuza.

While these duals Jack Nziza and Dan Munyuza have been caught several times bargaining and planning assassination hits (you can find their several audios on youtube). The head of J3 assassins – James Kabarebe hasn’t been caught personally transmitting or discussing about assassinations. He is sleek in his operations and hits. Within Rwanda’s dreaded intelligence circle, they now refer him as the “planner.”

from left to right: Major Gen Alexis Kagame, Lt Gen Charles Kayonga and Gen James Kabarebe

Assissin James Kabarebe was the longest serving CDF and since April 2010, the ministry of defence has been turned into his permanent home, as the supreme minister of defence.

From the end 2015, Gen Jack Nziza who had turned into a defacto Vice president didn’t know what hit him, by the time he woke up, his post, as the inspector general of the army was no longer in existence, it had been deleted. Gen Jack Nziza’s influence within DMI was also reined in with the removal of his former ADC.

In October 2015, the then director of DMI Col Franco Rutagengwa who was just Gen Jack Nziza’s blue eyed boy was shifted to CDF’s office to mainly keep a watchful eye over the CDF – Gen Patrick Nyavumba. This removed any leverage that he still had over DMI. And from 2015, criminal Paul Kagame has never appointed a DMI chief, preferring to personally supervise this dreaded organisation.

By the time Gen Jack Nziza realised what was happening around him, he was already thrown out of the army into an early retirement without achieving his long time dream and ambition of becoming the minister of defence. If there is anything that Gen Jack Nziza wanted, it was to build the Rwanda Defence Forces into his own image. He wanted to leave his personal mark within RDF.

Once, a middle ranking DMI officer told me, ” With Jack Nziza, when your loyal to him, he will stick with you, gives you support and post you in juice position within the government. Try to raise any suspicion, your a dead meat.”

This same agent noted, that ” with James Kabarebe, the man isn’t tight with operational funds, he even uses his own money for operation purposes in order to obtain information that may interest the president. James isn’t a pushing person like Jack Nziza, he is intellectually observant in his operations. Since the Kitona Operation failures, he is always cautious and observant.”

He continued to note that, “don’t be mistaken, both Gen Jack Nziza and Gen James Kabarebe are callous and deadly assassins. Unquestionably, they are both killers and merchants of death.”

To be continued….