Gen Patrick Nyamvumba came to Kinshasa.

The Rwandan military chief, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba visiting Kinshasa last May

By Kambale Musavuli

I have been looking at this picture over and over today… and I am still scratching my head trying to figure out why the declared winner of the presidential election Felix Tshisekedi would meet with Rwandan General Patrick Nyamvumba.

Does he even google-search the names of people he meets? 

There is so much to say about this… so much! Just like in Kabila days, Rwanda soldiers who have committed genocide are free to come in and out of the country without being arrested. Soon we will see Rwandan General James Kabarebe hanging out in Bandal sipping on some Primus and Felix supporters are going to find it normal. 

As they say in Lingala, Liboma ezali volonté!

This guy killed thousands…

Just pick up “In Praise of Blood,” a new investigative book by Judi Rever documenting the killings of Rwandan Patriotic Front soldiers in Rwanda before, during and after the Rwandan genocide. 

Zahra Moloo wrote a review of the book and said “For those implicated in massacres, not only were they not prosecuted, but several moved onto high positions in UN peacekeeping operations; Patrick Nyamvumba who allegedly gave the orders for massacres during the genocide and was in charge of creating units to “screen, mop up and otherwise rid the hillsides of Hutu civilians,” was appointed as Head of UNAMID, the UN-African Union peacekeeping operation in Darfur in 2009. “

Do Congolese politicians read?

What does it look like when a Congolese politician meets killers with smile? What does that do to the victims of the wars in Congo and Rwanda?

Did he even know who the guy was? May be I am giving him too much naïveté credit. He may be doing it willingly.

The struggle to free the Congo will continue until the predatory system that declared this guy a president, that allows for killers to roam free in Congo is completely dismantled!