General Election in Quebec/Canada: CAQ’s François Legault wins the provincial election and turns his back on the Francophonie nebula.

François Legault

Indeed, it was around 8:19 pm that the station Radio-Canada announced that the next government resulting from the elections of October 1, 2018, will be led by the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec). At 20:34, another prediction fell and revealed that this government will be majority and it will be led by Mr François Legault. He is a politician in regions where the overwhelming majority of the population is white at more than 80%. The support of the cultural communities to the latter is low according to the unfinished figures circulating. It was the white vote that brought him to power. He would have frightened the immigrants by saying that he was going to expel the newcomers who would fail the integration tests, before going back on his position and making a mea-culpa in an unprecedented volte-face. The future will tell us whether or not Quebec has brought a racist to power.

The result of the vote

The number of deputies (seats in the National Assembly) per political party (almost final results) are as follows. CAQ: 74, PLQ: 32, PQ: 9 and finally QS: 10

The percentages of the popular vote are as follows. CAQ: 38%, PLQ: 24%, PQ: 17%, QS: 15% and Others: 5%

The challenges of this new government.

This new government will face a lot of problems. The population is aging and it is impeccable to renew itself without the contribution of immigration. The costs of health services are exponential and require more and more resources. The under population of certain regions and the lack of manpower are hampering their economic development and it is urgent to solve these problems. Racism, systemic discrimination, exclusion of minorities is the subject of many complaints. These are very disturbing topics and everyone is talking about them. We often talk about Quebec’s ideological backwardness because it does not give enough space to its minorities who have to overcome impassable barriers to their integration. These include recognition of diplomas, lack of Canadian work experience, language and language accent, skin color, age, gender, and sexual orientation. geographical origin, etc. A solution must be found to make Quebec a more balanced and just society. Yet in English Canada and the United States, points of contention such as the representation of minorities in government bodies have already been solved. Here we talk about it again and it’s never over. That is why even francophone minorities are fleeing this beautiful province. The decline of the French language, which is the official language, is also a matter of concern.

Would Quebec withdraw from La Francophonie?

The newly elected Prime Minister, Mr. Francois had promised during the election campaign not to support the candidacy of Ms. Michelle Jean for a second term. As a result, it is expected that it will respect its commitment and suspend Quebec from the current Francophonie. The organization of the Francophone is reproached for being a place of sumptuous and useless expenses. Some say that there is a resemblance between the current management of this organization and that of Haiti at the time of Mr. Jean Claude DUVALIER (BABY DOC) in terms of expenditure of public funds. If not how to justify that the money from the Francophonie (contributions of poor countries like Haiti, Niger, Burkina Faso etc …) can be used to pay for renovation expenses in Paris and secure trips in Limousine in Montreal? The image of this institution is no longer worth a cent. La Francophonie needs to be renovated to resume its original role. It must build schools all over the world to develop, strengthen support the beautiful French language. It is also his prerogative to create a rich and viable Francophone economic area. It should in no way be a sanctuary where the ruling head is unscrupulously squandering funds from countries that are among the poorest in the world. Should we renew the mandate of the current Secretary General? I will try to answer it in my next article.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada