GENOCIDE MEMORIAL SITES IN RWANDA : Are you planning on visiting this season? Here’s what to keep in mind.

Over several years following the genocide, the government of Rwanda allowed Tutsis to exhume the remains of their loved ones from mass graves and to bury them with honors in cemeteries. That was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, the same government prohibited hutu survivors to exhume their fallen loved ones from mass graves dug for them by the very ruling RPF. The skulls of those hutus ended up in genocide memorials that are scattered around the country, and that are ironically dedicated to “genocide against Tutsi”. RPF regime knew exactly where hutu mass graves were located, all they needed were a few bulldozers and forced labor to populate the memorials with hutu skeletons.

Today, there are approximately over a million of skulls in those memorial sites. Compare this to the number of Tutsis who perished during the genocide, minus those whose remains were properly buried in cemeteries over the years, and you get the idea. The numbers simply don’t add up. Every day hutus walk by these memorials and see the remains of their loved ones displayed on shelves for tourists who are deceptively told that the remains are those of tutsis. This is a psychological torture on ethnic hutu people that has been going on for two decades now and that has to end as a matter of urgency.

It should be known to everyone that RPF regime is built on a dangerous foundation of lies and unpunished crimes which, soon or later, will likely lead to a catastrophe similar or worse than that of 1994.

By Bosco Mutarambirwa