H.E Paul Kagame is a problem for great lakes. For the problem of BlacPeople is not capital.

Dr Donn Davis once said, “ the problem of BlacPeople is not capital.” Huey P. Newton goes on in his “To Die for the People” Blacological Analysis to say that; the answer to this problem is the development of the Cultural Science of Blacology. We must own something. We cannot own the government, we cannot own the presidency, but we can own our minds.

Blacologists, where did it all go wrong with President Paul Kagame (sorry President Dr Paul Kagame)? It has come as no surprise however to see him act in a disarray after being toasted and thrown out by the same masters he once served. Who actually created him by all means necessary.

See, as Huey Newton puts it; we do too much assimilating and emulating. It is time to stop assimilating and emulating. It is time to start thinking and doing some creating to back it up. But this is not the case with Dr Paul Kagame.

For the past 18 years he thought that he was being educated (neglecting that he is a high school dropout ) forgetting that it’s a white education. Which evolve as time goes on, as they also change the rules of the game. Eventually when your masters recognizes that you are a burden and they can no longer sustain you, they show you an exit route. In this case, he is awarded a doctorate in humane for engineering bloodshed of BlacPeople in the great- lakes.

So where does this leave us? It is high time we own our minds. Determine our own destiny and frankly object to white education for it benefits no BlacPeople only turns them into modern slaves and inhuman.

Look at Somalia, Ethiopia, D.R.Congo and tell me if we BlacPeople are the ones behind all the sufferings, injustices? We are so much in emulating white systems that we forget BlacAfrican Culture of Ubuntu and eventually sale our own souls. Rwanda that we know can hardly afford its own population, but it’s the first to send troops in Dafur. Come on Dr. Paul Kagame, don’t you see that you are being miss educated, the rules of the game have changed?
Edison K.