Has Tony Blair’s wife become INTORE, or she just came to get a taste of Rwandan Money?

On the so called liberation day; during its 21st ceremonies that took place in Rubaya sector in Gicumbi district (former Cyumba and Kivuye district in Byumba), in his speech; president Kagame took time to send a message to the French president Francois Hollande. Surprisingly, Cherie Booth who is leading the Lt Gen. Kareni Karake’s defence team and the wife of Tony Blair “UK’s former premier minister”; was spotted giving a round of applause to Kagame while he was warning those who are telling him to comply with human rights obligations.

Cheri Blair

No one knows for sure if either this respected woman and a too expensive legal practitioner came to support Rwandans for the love she has for Kagame regime or if she just came for money and how they might spin the game in the defence of Lt Gen. Karenzi Kareke’s criminal case, a case which she will be paid a lot of money for.

This money would be too much to the point that; beside the money that is being raised among Rwandans to cover Karenzi’s bail, Rwandan people would be asked again to give more money that would be paid to this woman who is defending others in the court. Generally speaking, it is possible that this woman might be earning not less than one Million Rwandan francs per hour.

The Rwandan

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