How COVID 19 Affects College Graduates

Today, the news about Covid19 is the most hotly discussed issue. It has started at the edge of 2019 and 2020 and has negatively affected the whole world. Thousands of people have died because of this severe disease and millions suffer from its consequences. It has paralyzed merely every sphere of our life. Undoubtedly, it has affected education as well. The traditional way of learning isn’t safe anymore. All educational institutions have switched to distance learning. Many college enrollments are supposed to suffer during the fall. College graduates are especially anxious about their future. They want to know how they’ll pass the last stage of learning to acquire the desired degrees. We’ll cover this relevant issue here below.

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Unequal Conditions

One study was carried out by the University of Connecticut to show that the situation of the pandemic hasn’t affected all students equally. Nathanial Brown, the leader of this study, claims that the differences are sometimes huge and shocking.

Students with a poorer social-economic status don’t always have the necessary technology to learn online. An Internet connection may be too slow, traffic limited, etc. They got deprived of the possibilities they used to enjoy while they studied on the campus.

Some students belong to minorities and the sudden return to their homes may be a huge negative impact on them. They have to be surrounded by the conditions, which serve as a distraction. Multigenerational homes are not commonly good for becoming a good learner. As a result, these unexpected changes negatively affect the academic performance of certain groups of college graduates. They may not receive the grades they could have received if they studied on the campus.

Competition for Students Will Increase

As students have to learn distantly, it’s not always good for their academic growth. Stimulation of education is more effective when your professors are physically present in the classroom. Online learning isn’t that fruitful even for the most disciplined learners.

When your teacher or professor is in the classroom, he/she controls the learning process. Online learning is a free learning method and students have more freedom. The naturally lazy ones may fully forget about their academic duties. Even the most active and disciplined students may also relax more than it’s necessary. As a result, it becomes much harder to study well and receive high grades. This may negatively reflect on the final grades, which will be stated in their diplomas. Many employers may refuse to hire such students after graduation.

Worsened Conditions for Foreign Students

Foreign students seem to suffer even more. They have come to the USA to gain international experience, but the pandemic made them return to their native countries. They don’t simply return to the other state but go back to another country, which is a severe challenge for some youngsters. Their hopes for having international and cultural experiences fade away. Some experts claim that the duration of Covid-19 may last for several years. Thus, many international students will not have real experience although their certificates on education will be international. Additionally, they are forced to spend more money to travel back to their homes.

Psychological Issues

The situation with Covid-19 has hugely affected many students on a psychological level. It can be manifested in various ways. Some youngsters go crazy because they are at home all the time long and their most adventurous years simply pass by.

Many students are generally frustrated and unhappy due to the loss of their anticipated college experience. They know how vivid and captivating a college life may be. They have put much hope in that period but the pandemic has ruined everything. They have to learn from their homes and so, will have no on-campus experience.

Many psychologists report about the growing numbers of the symptoms of anxiety, grief, and even depressive behavior among students. These conditions may worsen in time and lead to huge mental problems. One of the most horrible outcomes is committing suicide because life seems to stop at one point and it’s almost impossible to go on. Hopefully, Covid-19 will quickly disappear.

It’s always vital to stay in touch with the news all around the world. Many problems that take place in one corner of the globe may quickly spread to other corners. Thus, we recommend checking developments and changes on continents. For example, you may find a good informative hub that covers the current events in Africa. This data may be useful for your learning and simply for your personal growth. The Covid-19 issue has affected African countries as well. You may define whether they have similar problems to the ones faced by American students.