How Did Rwanda Become A Family Project?

By David Himbara

They are on top of the world. Here are the Kagames at the “National Leadership Retreat.” Each has a Crystal Ventures bottle of water. Crystal Ventures is of course Kagame’s business empire.

Rwanda is now the Kagames’ project. We define a project as “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.” The aim here is to consolidate a family estate.

Gathered in front of the Kagames at the “National Leadership Retreat” are managers of Project Rwanda. The managers are being taught how to save Project Rwanda’s money by abandoning useless trips.

But the Kagames are exempt from this preaching. They live in the air and in foreign capitals.

As we speak, Mrs Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame is preparing to board the Crystal Ventures Gulfstream jet to the United States. She will be spreading the good news about the Kagames’ Project Rwanda. The Rwandan taxpayers will foot the bill of course.

Those in Washington DC, prepare to receive Madam Nyiramongi on March 19, 2016. She will be speaking at Sheraton Hotel, 8777 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, US