How President Kagame’s Presidential Guards Recently abducted Ntabana Aimé From Ugandan

Umuvugizi have been conducting investigations ever since the disappearance of a Rwandan called Ntabana Aimé who fled Rwanda to Uganda after being tortured by Rwanda’s notorious directorate of military intelligence. His disappearance from Kampala sparked off a lot of speculation where some said that he could have switched off his phones and went for holidays and others within Uganda’s Security Services told us that he was imprisoned and that they were closely following that incidence.

Our investigations eventually found out that those claims were false but the truth was that Rwanda’s notorious directorate of military intelligence in conjunction with their longest serving senior officer Lt Col Burabyo James who was assigned of different directives including heading the killing squad which is the same directorate slightly before nominating him as Rwanda’s Military attaché in Uganda, is known of having connived in committing undiplomatic and evil incidence of staging one of the Rwandan businessman called Ngabo Bosco working in Kampala dealing in ivory and at the same time spying for Rwanda’s intelligence services.

Reliable sources confirmed that Bosco Ngabo’s phone aparatus showed that he was in communication with Ntabana starting from march to 16thApril 2013 , the same last month Aimé Ntabana lastly communicated with his friends and families.

We also managed to find out that Bosco Ngabo was the last person who called him and picked him from his residence at Namunkona in National Housing Estates in Kampala claiming that he was taking him for an outing, an outing which mercilessly delivered him to President Kagame’s Presidential Guards who had accompanied the President to Kampala to attend one of the event which had gathered regional presidents .

This undiplomatic and deadly incidence of abducting Aimé Ntabana took place on 17thMay 2013 when Ngabo Bosco surrendered Ntabana Aimé amidst murder minded guards of President Kagame who hand cuffed him and cloth folded his face and dumped him in presidential vehicle cade which drove him out of Uganda that same day,an incidence which president Kagame was personally involved in benefiting from presidential immunity which grants and exonerates his vehicle cades of being subjected to border control .

In our investigations ,we managed to find out that President Kagame personally knew and got involved in this evilish operation which any reasonable head of state can never be involved in of reacting on ruthless reports submitted by his notorious intelligence services which revealed that Ntabana Aime was in constant communication with one of Rwandan fled military officials . It’s not the first time Rwanda’s notorious directorate of military intelligence abducts Ntabana Aime, Umuvugizi Newspaper published an article of his disappearance in Feb 2010 plea to his release in April 2010 after he was brutally tortured by president Kagame’s notorious directorate of military intelligence , a deadly torturing which was carried out by Lt Col Burabyo James before being deployed as military attaché in a country like Uganda which is signatory of united nations charter of human rights were in it’s Universal Declaration prohibits such diplomats who are known of having committed torture against humanity to represent their countries in any foreign diplomatic mission .

His friends and family are worried that he could have been brutally tortured more than what happened to him before fleeing the country given that it’s always lea to find out that such people of Ntabana’s case where president Kagame is personally involved in apprehending them are granted Justice .

Rwandans will never forget the way president Kagame personally assassinated Lt Col Rutayisire Shaban who was the head of Rwanda’s broadcasting bureau simply because of having resisted and criticized him of having authorized to wage a war against a sister force UPDF which left hundreds of innocent UPDF officers perished in Kisangani –DR Congo ,not killed by their enemy but mercilessly killed by RDF simply because of president Kagame’s immoral character which intended to show president Museveni that he was militarily strong .