How Rwanda is like North Korea ?

1) Kagame, the President of Rwanda is a supreme leader. He controls everything and everyone in Rwanda

2) The press and broadcasters – all of them are under direct Kagame’s control. None of them can report different views than government views.

3) If you talk about the genocide against Tutsi, you are a best friend of Kagame.

4) If you say that even Hutus were killed in the genocide, you are denying or minimising the genocide of Tutsi. You become an enemy of Kagame.

5) You must not talk about the ethnic makeup of Rwandan people. But you are very welcome to talk loudly and only about the genocide of Tutsi.

6) If you praise Kagame about his personal economic and development achievements for the country, you are his best friend.

7) You are an enemy of Kagame if you report about Rwandan people‘s poverty, economic hardship and famines.

8) You are a friend of Kagame if you discuss with him about Africa as a whole, taken as one country.