How The King Of Rwanda Became A Driver For The King Of Morocco

The answer is – power and money. Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has a lot of cash. Forbes calculated his wealth to be US$5.7 billion, which makes the Moroccan King the 6th richest billionaire in Africa.

Evidently, Morocco is keen to rejoin the African Union, having quit the Organization of African Unity in the 1980s. The Moroccans seem to have settled on Kagame as their frontman in Africa. Kagame has in other words sold Rwanda to another rich buyer in which he gets a cut.

Why do I say that?

Look at these intriguing events between since June 2016:

* June 20, 2016, the Moroccan king decorated Kagame with the Grand Collar of Wissam Al-Mohammadi, Morocco’s highest national award of honour.

* October 18-20, 2016, the Moroccan king made a state visit and promised to invest in Rwanda, and to finance Mrs Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi’s Imbuto Foundation.

At the end of his state visit to Rwanda, the Moroccan king was driven to the airport by Kagame himself. There he was – driver Kagame shamelessly becoming an errand boy for another head of state. When Kagame smells money, he will do whatever it takes to have it, no matter how crude and distasteful.

Little wonder that the Moroccan have now become Kagame spokesmen even involving themselves in internal Rwanda politics.

October 28, 2016, Ahmed Charai, publisher of the Moroccan weekly news magazine L’Observateur, published in Huffington Post “Let Kagame Have a Third Term as President.”

The Moroccans apparently wish to keep their Rwandan driver in power indefinitely.

David Himbara