How to do Voice Over Like a Pro

Marketers recently are relying on videos for the promotion of their products or services online. Videos make up an integral part of the digital marketing campaign. There are thousands of marketing videos available on various platforms. Not all of them are created perfectly. Some videos miss video quality or content. The audience does not watch some videos due to their low audio quality and audio video mismatch. 

In order to make the best video that attracts viewers, a good voice over is essential. Videos that explain about a brand or service should have an exceptional voice-over. First, let’s know about voice over. A voice-over is a background audio description of the content displayed in a video. Doing a voice over may sound as narration, but it’s not just about narration. Voice over is one of the main things to focus on while creating a video. While doing a voice-over, one has to follow some important guidelines. 

The following are the crucial guidelines that will help you in creating an ideal voice over for your video.

  • Audio recording equipment 

Before moving to perform a good voice over, you have to make a list of equipment that is required for audio recording. You will need some basic equipment, including a computer, audio-video recording, and audio to video software, microphone or headphones, and connectors. Connect and check all the equipment before starting with the voice-over procedure—also, the test run of the software and check the equipment on it. 

  • Recording room 

Choose a room where you can record the voice over without any outer disturbances. The recording room should not be too small and too large. Select a room that has soft furnishing such as a living room or bedroom. A professional acoustic room will be an added benefit. But if not available still you can do a good voice over in available conditions. Once you have chosen the room for the recording, you have to perform an audio test. In order to check echo, just clap or talk loudly in the room. If everything sounds fine, then you are good to go for voice over recording. 

  • The narration 

When you are doing a voice-over to explain the video’s content, you have narrated it accordingly. Narration is nothing but an exquisite description of the visual content of a video. Nobody will love to hear just a normal robot-like voice while watching the video. You can describe the content in a creative way to your audience. Your audience will love to watch the video if it is narrated despite having a long script prolifically. Adding music to video will also create a good impact. 

  • Volume and clarity of the audio 

The audience will love to watch the video till the end only when it has better audio clarity and good volume levels. If a video has low or high volume and the voice is not clearly understood, then viewers may get distracted while watching it. So it is always recommended to have a check on the volume levels and audio clarity while creating videos. The volume levels can be adjusted while editing the audio, whereas a proper microphone ensures good voice clarity while recording voice over. 

  • Focusing on Tempo

When you are doing a voice over for video, you should consider the tempo of your recording. The speed of your speaking affects the audio recording quality. The speed can be determined by words spoken in a minute. If the narration is too slow, then viewers may find the video boring. Too fast tempo may result in misunderstanding of the content for the viewers. So the narration pace should be courteous and natural. Generally, marketing videos should have an average voice over tempo.

  • Intonation 

A video having a monotone voice over will not be watched by most of the audience. The audience always prefers to watch videos that are described pleasantly and creatively. While doing a voice-over, you should consider your tone and modify it according to the content of the video. Explaining some part of the content can be done in a humorous way. You can change tones in between so that viewers may find this video interesting. Emphasize some important words which will help to connect with the audience emotionally. Based on your tone, your audience will identify your intention behind making the video. 

  • Pronunciation

We have heard from school days that pronunciation is important for having a healthy conversation with others. This thing also works in the same way while doing a voice-over. When you are conveying a message to your audience, you should pronounce each and every word clearly. If you sound more confident and clear, then your audience will love to hear from you. If you are using some long and difficult words, then you should pronounce them slowly. You must avoid the uttering sounds while doing voice over. 

  • Practicing the script 

Whatever skill you practice, you get perfect in it over time. Voice over is also a skill that needs more and more practice. When the script of your video is ready, you can start by reading the script. You can use various tones and record them. Focus on important words and their pronunciation. Hear your recordings and analyze them. This will help you to identify the tone and tempo of your voice. You will also be able to analyze if there is any disturbance from background noise or not. When you are done with good practice of reading and recording the script, you are good to go for the final recording. 

  • Editing 

Now, this is the crucial task of the voice-over process. Once you have done with the audio recording, it is time to edit it. Firstly listen to the full recorded audio. After listening, you will come to know about the tone, tempo, and clarity of your voice. You can remove any mistakes or mispronunciation of words from the recording by editing the audio file. Editing software will assist you in the perfect editing of your voice-over audio.  


Be calm and composed, have everything ready, and rehearse before recording, so you are well versed with the script. If you keep practicing, it will help you be better at voice-overs. We hope these tips help you master voice-overs. Happy recording.