How to get Switzerland phone number for SMS verification?

Switzerland is an amazing country that attracts many people. Rich history, fabulous nature, and a robust economy – that’s what make Switzerland popular both for offline tourists and online users. Currently, you can freely access the site of any country from any other location. However, the security system often asks you to complete online verification via SMS. Sometimes only a local phone is suitable for this purpose.

What if you are located in the USA or Eastern Europe, but need to be registered as a Swiss citizen? The answer is simple: rent it. IP telephony provider HotTelecom offers to get a Swiss virtual number for SMS verification here: With this opportunity, the entire Internet is open to you.

Benefits of virtual numbers 

What is a virtual SIM card and how it may serve you? This is a technology that allows you to use a local Swiss number with a help of special software. You’ll instantly receive all messages in your personal account on the provider’s website.

A virtual number gives you complete anonymity and benefits that are not available to people who use their personal contacts to register:

  • Registration on any website, regardless of your geographic location.
  • If your job is in finance or marketing, the VN will help you create an unlimited quantity of accounts.
  • Stay a subscriber even if your previous account was banned.

This list could be much longer. If you need a phone number for SMS verification, then you know exactly how to use it.

Choose a reliable provider 

If you need to pass SMS verification with a Swiss number right now, then contact a reliable provider that offers various IP telephony services for 12 years. Go to the HotTelecom website, register, and top up your balance. After completing these steps, you can select the required service in your personal account and start using your Swiss phone number.