By Jean Uwizeye

Priti Patel’s anti-illegal immigration policy has something unhealthy about it. Everyone sees it and no one knows how to stop it. The plan presented as humanitarian lacks class and intelligence. He shows too much levity on the Rwandan side and too much ignorance on the side of the British minister. To help those threatened by the Machiavellianism of Boris Johnson’s government, there is a way to oppose it in accordance with all the legislative measures and all the tools at our disposal to block the deportation of anyone who arrives illegally in the UK.

The royal high court gave the green light to human trafficking between Rwanda and the United Kingdom as did, alas, formerly Pope Nicolas V to Alfonso V of Portugal, on June 16, 1452. Comparison is not right! The minions of the genocidal Tutsi regime of Paul KAGAME and his family have just won a battle, but not for all that decisive, the fight continues, on Monday, June 13, 2022, the decision rendered this past Friday will be appealed. So how to become unwanted in Rwanda before having set foot there?

Under Rwandan law, it is still possible to make yourself undesirable in Rwanda by hitting hard at the vulnerable point of the Tutsi supremacist regime. Migrants threatened with deportation to Rwanda must put themselves in the crosshairs of the same Rwandan judiciary which is very sensitive when it comes to question the role played by the RPF/APR Inkotanyi and its leader Paul KAGAME in the Rwandan and Congolese drama.The reaction of the Kigali regime will very quickly prove that the country is not as safe as it is said.

The attitude of the British government is normal; Rwanda is particularly a brothel for the officials of his majesty accustomed to pouring billions of pound sterling there to help Paul KAGAME and his political family to rebuild what they destroyed 28 years ago. Their brand-new shop windows have become necessary cache-miseries to avert the curious gaze. This is the perverse effect of development aid to poor countries under the control of dictators. The vast majority of the population lives below the abject poverty line and financial aid for development only serves to reinforce the yoke of the RPF Inkotanyi benefit from a certain economic credibility internationally which minimizes the weight of the dictatorship in the concert of nations. To tell the truth, it is our feeling, for the Rwandan people; the dough of his majesty is similar to the famous biblical hot coals.


In the easiest way in the world, with no need to leave your own home almost or break UK law. The migrants concerned must write letters to their legal representatives who will certify before the judge that your political opinions have fallen under Rwandan legislation.

How to do it?
• It is a secret for no one that the RPF INKOTANYI and its armed branch shot down the Rwandan presidential plane which is at the origin of the inter-ethnic massacres between the Hutu and the Tutsi on April 06, 1994. This true statement is punishable by the law on genocide denial. Is punishable by the law on the ideology of the so-called Tutsi genocide. Campaign for an international investigation to elucidate the truth about the terrorist attack on African heads of state who were murdered in their plane on April 6, 1994. Start by making a petition in this direction.
• Similarly, Rwandan law condemns this other assertion: refer to the so-called genocide of the Hutu falls under the law on the ideology of the so-called genocide of the Tutsi. Also is punishable by law against revisionism, negationism… To speak of double genocide for them amounts to minimizing the so-called genocide of the Tutsis. This is what is prohibited by law to guarantee impunity to the Tutsi genocidaires. Formulate a petition to ask the international criminal court to try the Rwandan Tutsi of the Rwandan defense force.
• Demand justice for the crimes committed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) immortalized in the mapping report very quickly KAGAME and his people will soon threaten you with death as was the case for the Congolese Dr Denis Mukwege Sakharov Prize in 2014 and Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. Give unconditional support to Dr. Mukwege to have an international criminal tribunal for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
• As for former Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, demands a dialogue between the Rwandan genocidal regime and its opposition; KAGAME Paul and his people will come out of their hinges to threaten you with death. Ditto, constitute a petition to demand dialogue between the Rwandan genocidal regime with and armed opposition.

Thus, in this way, it is possible to engage in an all-out standoff with the scum in power in London as in Kigali likely not only to open up other horizons for you while freeing the Rwandan population from the grip of supremacism Tutsi. For these facts, until now, all the people who have been prosecuted abroad by the Kigali regime have always won their case hands down. The latest trial in question concerns the French journalist Natacha Polony. On the other hand in Rwanda, those who dared to challenge the Inkotanyi lion regime on these subjects languish in prison, and others have already been sent to the world of the dead like the famous singer Kizito Mihigo.

Take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to demand the release of political prisoners and shake the dictatorship on its certainties by offering it worldwide publicity on its dirty business. Once the process has been completed, the other advantage is the possibility of filing a complaint for endangering others against the people involved in the decision and the execution of the expulsion if something were to happen against the integrity of people targeted by the measure.

Mistrust is mandatory with regard to the dominant media; their political line is no different from that of the Rwandan regime. He is your proven enemy. Ditto for the UNHCR. This organization plotted against Hutu refugees in the former Zaire until their extermination and dispersal in the Congolese forests. Always the shenanigans of the UNHCR make the ravages in the Rwandan environment; to date the majority of Rwandan refugees has lost their status in the name of the cessation clause while there remain serious and serious obstacles to their return to the country mentioned above among others. The perfect example is the legal arsenal that protects the Tutsi genocidaires more than it guarantees security to the population.

To exploit the loopholes of Rwandan legislation to your advantage, there is a dense, rich and varied literature available to everyone. Prefer those whose authors have been the subject of legal proceedings to compose your certificate. It is still possible to ask them for help in drafting the certificates and petitions in accordance with the intended purpose. Lawyers must use it to prove that Rwanda is not ready to welcome migrants with this opinion without putting them in prison instead of hotels. Basically, you have to proudly appropriate the sensitive subjects of Rwandan politics to defeat the plan that is harmful to you.

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