How to take a vacation as a freelancer: 12 tips

Is it possible to take a vacation as a freelancer, and how do you do it with such a busy schedule? These are probably two of the questions you ask yourself the most as a freelancer. Especially when you’ve built a solid client portfolio thanks to the professional commitment you’ve shown from day one.

Your goal has always been to meet their needs and respond to their requirements promptly. You feel that a long break is not a good option if you want to maintain the loyalty of all those who have trusted you. It has been years of intense work, mailing at night and even on weekends. You have always projected the idea of being available at all times.

You are afraid of losing your clients. It took you a lot of effort to get them, so you have postponed that trip you want to take with your family on more than one occasion. What you may not have considered is that this accelerated pace can play a trick on you because your mind needs to disconnect. If you have come this far, the first thing you should know is that it is possible to plan yourself in a better way to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Do you want to know how to do it? Here are 12 tips!

1. Organize everything

Yes, an organization is a keyword to take a vacation as a freelancer. If you don’t leave everything in order, you probably won’t be able to enjoy your vacation as you’ve been imagining, and you might even be forced to cancel your trip. So, plan your trip with enough time not to leave any loose ends, and have a real break.

2. Inform your clients

Your main concern is likely your clients since keeping them has cost you a lot of effort. At this point, you can talk to them to give them a sense of security even when you are not there. For example, send them an email days in advance stating the following:

How long you will be on the road: clients will really appreciate it if you let them know this detail. Be sure to write at least 15 days in advance so that your decision does not take them by surprise. As your departure approaches, give them a reminder.

What work will be scheduled: this is an essential point because this way, they will feel that management will not be paralyzed during your absence.

Who will be in charge: try to talk to a colleague who has a similar profile to yours so that they can take care of all the eventualities that may arise during the period you are away from your professional activities.

3. Save money

You should apply this recommendation a few months before your trip. Set a goal according to your income. Avoid touching these savings. Every time you feel tempted to spend it, think about that place you want to visit so much. And don’t forget that just as there are many great deals, such as paper help discount code in an educational context; there are also quite a few promo codes that will save you money significantly when booking hotels, flights and transfers.

4. Define your rules

If you have already decided to take a vacation as a freelancer, you must evaluate other aspects of your planning, including whether you will be completely disconnected. This can be a complicated task, considering the benefits that technology offers us today; therefore, if you decide to enjoy those days without worry, we recommend you avoid work chats and emails.

5. Do not assume extra commitments

When the date you have scheduled approaches, some new projects may appear that you did not have in mind to tackle. If this happens, you must be honest and ask yourself which ones you can take in the available time. The idea is that you only accept the specific projects you can complete without sacrificing the plan you have postponed for so long because you did not have space in your agenda.

6. Choose a low work season

No one is better than you at knowing the seasons with the heaviest workload. If you are anxious about having to turn down jobs because you won’t have the time to develop them, make sure that your plans to go out coincide with that time of the year when there is not a high demand from your clients. As we have already indicated, the best thing for you is that you can be calm so that the experience is as pleasant as possible.

7. Select your destination

Taking a freelance vacation also merits planning a destination that is in tune with your days off. While it may be tempting to travel to another country and experience other cultures, ask yourself if it’s feasible. If so, organize a tour route and check availability at the hotels you choose. In case you don’t have time to go sightseeing, choose a nearby but pleasant place that will give you the rest you are looking for.

8. Schedule your days

If you already know that taking a vacation as a freelancer is something super-deserved and you have planned your accommodation, days off, and budget, you are ready to take a new step: prepare your luggage with everything you will need for those days. We suggest you prepare it weeks in advance to avoid forgetting anything. If you do it at the last minute, there is a chance that you will leave out important things, and then you will have to make unnecessary purchases that will affect your budget.

9. Plan your return

When you leave everything in order, your return doesn’t have to be synonymous with chaos. Try to catch up in the first week. If you left a close contact in charge of the business, make a phone call or a virtual meeting to go over together how were the days you were away. Did any eventuality arise? Or did everything go as planned?

After that, check your email. Prioritize the most urgent emails. Your inbox may be collapsed because of the time you had without checking it. Don’t stress! Prioritize, and you will see that the process flows smoothly.

10. Don’t feel remorse

If, at some point, you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you find on your return, be flexible with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for having decided to disconnect and come back with more energy. You want to be productive, and the best way to do that is to have a clear mind.

Relax and enjoy!

Working on our own offers us many benefits, and being our boss is undoubtedly one of the main ones. However, this should not be an excuse to leave out some moments that include our healthy recreation.

Make an effort to have a period to enjoy alone or with your family in your annual planning. As we have seen throughout the article, taking a vacation as a freelancer is not impossible, you just have to organize yourself with time to live a restorative experience. Are you ready to do it?