I am an outsider as far as the US politics are concerned.

Yet I am not that much dumb. Like everyone else, I take a field learning through news, reports, analysis and history. That makes me a dynamic person and an avid learner.

Friends, I will tell you one thing I am realizing and it is this – this Trump Donald, that President- elect is going to make ‘one of the most brilliant presidents in recent history of America’. I am not opining here. I am interpreting what is unfolding.

Let us, first of all agree that Trump’s journey has so far proved to be mysterious. Unpredictable and unexpected! Surprise after surprise have doled this man’s start and is still going on. Each hurdle that Trump was expected to knock his head against seem to have run away on time, leaving him a clear passage. This is not normal.

Admittedly, the US is one of the most progressive societies on Earth! Perhaps the most civilized-sophisticated and a well learned lot. People are both conscious and responsible here. That means that politically, it is a resilient community that doesn’t take matters of destiny lightly. To pass and make it to presidency in such a society is no simple feat. It takes a genius or meticulous planning!

What many analysts are yet to comprehend is the mechanism that Trump adopted to clutch his win. It is elusive so far. Many people (even Trump supporters), many polls and election experts are still not getting it. Consultant companies, think-tanks and analysts are now going back to their drawing boards to revisit the electoral maps and yet cannot pinpoint what slapped them. They say:

Clinton was hugely popular! Trump only ejaculated words! His campaign rarely happened to be well organized. He was careless of his words! Clinton had the best and handsomely paid team! Trump made a lot of mistakes! He was underfunded and heavily deserted by stronger Republicans! All the media alienated him and they say many other blah blah! Yet Trump held on and at the end that saying was perfect – a bad beginning makes a good ending.

Fellows, especially those of you who want to learn, let me tell you that Donald Trump is a grandmaster in modern politics. He is phenomenal and a college to pursue. As discoveries are being made by scholars, I cannot help but wonder! This man hanged the whole world and got power to ride home.

Look, it is now becoming obvious that Trump outsmarted us. Every word that he said, some acts and arguments were actually the stories of a reaper. He was reaping votes! Each word that he spoke had a destination! And as a result, the millions of Americans who got his message received it and interpreted it personally. Trump never allowed us to have a common ground. Each to his fate. And as a result, we heard and everyone of us capitalized on what was palatable to him/her. Slowly, and painlessly, Trump accumulated votes which developed into winning electoral votes and hence a ride to the white House. His focus was winning electoral colleges not speaking nicely.

There is no smart warrior that surpasses one who wages multiple fronted battles in a war. Trump showed this generalship. He waged psychological fronts, economic and demographic strategies. He exuded outstanding knowledge of the geography and socio-anthropological realities of the USA. This is phenomenal. A mastery that intones how he made himself a billionaire.

Agree with this, this year’s election was a big surprise. It didn’t open lids untill the results came out. Even polls were still off the mark by the time of voting. This, friends, means that there is something beyond what meets the eyes. It is nonsense to continue hypothesizing that he was lucky or that he used fear! Those do not seem real factors.

Like many others who read and learn, I am inclined to watch and learn throughout this man’s presidency. I am agreeing with analysts and scholars who are arguing that the general public was duped about Trump. Words were decoys. He knew better about the words he said since the beginning. What is even more surprising is that his campaign team all the times simply smiled or laughed off his mistakes! They knew.

If we choose to be arrogant, we won’t learn. But it shouldn’t be like that. Trump is a lesson that people’s satisfaction is paramount to politicking. Not the laws or niceties of common sense.

And as we continue to learn, it is worth noting that obviously, Trump was flanked and supported by seemingly ordinary staff but nope – they are the brainiest strategists in America so far.

And this last you can bet over. Trump is now amassing the most competent staff to form his transition team. I am following closely on this. What analysts are discovering is that he is actually hunting for the most abled brains, experienced and resolute cadres. If he ever materializes his agenda, don’t be surprised to find him rise as the most outstanding President of the recent history of the US. He will capitalize on expertise and experience, I gather.

Fear a person who is willing to learn and adapt – he makes a timeless and an ever energetic contender.

All in all, we cannot say too much about the future but we can see it through projections. Trump did outsmart the people when he was underfunded and overlooked. He made it when he still needed to bow down and act as a laughing stock of American comedians. He is likely going to be smarter when the US accords him all the means. He is a faster learner.

Theogene Karenzi