I am So Happy Because Britain Is In a Mess: President Kagame

By David Himbara

I am not a religious scholar or even a layperson. But I do know that somewhere in the Bible, it is stated that God will punish those who rejoice at the misfortunes of other people — do not take pleasure even at your enemies’ discomfort.

In President Paul Kagame’s world, it is the reverse — he gloats even at his friends’ and supporters’ misfortune.

Listen to this speech (in Kinyarwanda) by the Rwandan president in which he is rejoicing the British economic-political crisis resulting from the referendum to withdraw from the European Union.

In the speech, Kagame rejoices the fall of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the political establishment as a whole — without mentioning names. And the reason for Kagame’s celebration? According to him, the British leaders are forever preaching to Rwanda what to do, when they cannot govern their own countries. Let the British taste their own medicine for a change — says Kagame.

What a shame. British leaders — whether members of the Labor Party or the Conservative Party has supported Rwanda very generously in the past two decades. The British taxpayers have bankrolled Kagame’s regime to the tune of up to £70 million a year. The only a decent thing to do for Rwandans or any other nation is to give the British solidarity in their hour of need.