I received an email that was emotional; it’s about a widows/victims of Kagame and Kawukumi.

Rwema Gendarme

By Seruga Titus

If you may recall I have been sharing stories of People Whose husbands where kidnapped and killed by Uganda police Officers and Rwandan DMI Agents some still operational at the Rwandan Embassy in Uganda.

This story was told to me by the Wife of Rwema Gendarme, Mrs Prossy Boona, it has changed the way I see mothers, she leaves all these years knowing that she will never see the father of her kids.

Government of should arrest General Kayihura, Ismael Baguma, Sgt. Solomon Nuwaha and Sgt. Tumukunde Abel for this kidnap.

Dear Titus,

My name is Prossy Boonabana, am a human Rights defender and I do business for a living. I got your email from A high profile person and am writing to you because I am your adent follower who appreciates the work you do and believe that you can use your platform to air out my story.

Am married to gentleman Rwema Gendarme, who is a traditional leader of the Banyamulengye people, that comes from eastern Congo(South Kivu), he ran to Uganda in 1999 as a political refuge following the evading of Congo by Uganda and Rwanda, he lived under gov’t protection for 5yrs but later made peace with Joseph Kabila and thus decided to go into private business.

However having run to Uganda during that time meant that wasn’t in agreement with Rwanda since the two countries had created factions amongst the Congolese.

Let me tell you that e banyamulengye people are to Congo what bafumbira are to Uganda, although their origin is predominantly Rwanda, they don’t have ancestry homes in Rwanda since they were separated by partition of Africa, sorry for this long story but I want you to know the genesis of my husband’s trouble with Rwanda, so you can talk from an informed perspective, he was a former soldier in the Mobutu gov’t and welded a lot of influence as a cultural leader and therefore Rwanda always wanted to use his influence on his people so that they join M23, so that they fight the present government in Congo.

He however refused and always referred them to Museveni, saying that he is more pan African than Kagame and therefore if they are to be influenced by any ally it should be Uganda and not Rwanda, this put him at logger heads with Rwanda and his given his origin, he was expected to be on Rwanda’s side.
First forward, when he kept adamant going on with his business btn Congo and Uganda, after the defeat of M23, they became desperate (Rwanda) and reached for him again to talk to his people to tau the line and still refused they decided to use Kayihura to forcefully kidnap him and hand him over to Rwanda.

General Kayihura knew my Husband very well, they were friends, Kayihura used to charge him for protection of his businesses, the general could always send Nixon to correct money from my husband, I recall at one time there was a agreement, they wanted a lot of money which my husband declined to give. This was the beginning of all the trouble.

He was thereafter kidnapped from Kabale on his way to Goma, for his business as usual on the 8th/4/2015 and passed through Cyanika border and since then he has been held incommunicado, we don’t know whether he is dead or still living.

I have been investigating who exactly took my beloved husband and knowing what you know is that people in Police Uniform cross him over.

Since then I tried to follow him up to Rwanda but they refused to let me see him,however through my work of activism, I mate other women, whose husbands where kidnapped and we gave a voice to these women, who are predominantly refugees, through an organization called Touching Lives Initiative. its through this advocacy that we petitioned every petitionable institution in Uganda including the presidency, however much as this yielded results and Kawukumi was fired, it increased threats to us the activists especially me and my colleague Fiona Barungi, whose husband was also killed.

The reason for this email therefore is to ask you to add a voice to ours, since you’re a fellow activist and publish our testimonies to create more awareness and pressure to the concerned authorities plus Rwanda, so that those who not dead yet perhaps can be set free.

The Ugandan Government should Arrest all these criminals in police Uniforms for these acts, prosecute them to stop the vice.

Note; I have been married to this man for sixteen years and I have four children with him. find attached his foto

Thanks and stay blessed


My response:

Dear Prossy

Thank you Prossy, I will always share these testimonies as they come, I understand your pain, no family should go through this in life.

Ugandans are peace lovers, we will see you through this and fight with you for justice. I agree with you that people like Nixon, Abel and others should be kept in prison for life, their acts were inhuman.

Stay with you all the way.