Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera: I love you Kagame please retire with dignity

Thank you all. 3pm I was held by immigration because co pilot said he heard me at Entebbe queue calling kagame a young dictator following in big bro Museveni footsteps. They then delayed the flight discussing whether to let me on or not. They decided to let me on n co pilot came n shared a seat next to me. Upon arrival they picked me up from my driver when we were loading baggage in the car ” sorry madam but your pictures didn’t come out well we need to take others plz come back inside.” I obliged n as soon as I entered the airport 8 policed besieged me n handcuffed me. After 3hrs of detention at airport they told me to write a statement retracting my statements in Entebbe instead I made a statement giving 10 reasons why I called him a young dictator. They got pissed n drove me to CID headquarters where so many security agencies came in for meetings. First charge was treason coz they were convinced am rwandese, when that was disproved they charged me for terrorism. I was interrogated in 5 different rooms by different security agencies. This is when I start hearing my voice from many rooms n phones. They were googling me. So I heard one telling them she’s very known go take the cuffs off but lock the room. When they came to take cuffs off they found I was bleeding coz I hurt myself in process of breaking them loose. They then put others on but were told to stay far from me anyone with a gun coz I hear I cud easily grab it since I could break free from cuffs. At 2am they then drove me to kucikiro then I saw officer stating a different charge on registration that hate speech n disrespectful to govt leader. At 6am I was picked n taken back to CID for more interrogation until 2pm when I was taken to airport for deportation. But that was my real return flight anyway. My phone was handed back to me at Entebbe airport . I only got my property back then after many searches. Then b4 boarding I was charged for being a spy simply coz I was only to spend less than 24hrs so they want to really know wat I was doing. I was supposed to handled over to ug police but mid way flight one of the luganda speaking officer told me he had changed his mind so I was free to go but I should know am not welcome to Kigali ever again. That is the whole truth. 35mins flight misconduct as Kigali police is claiming is a total nonsense .
Still with swollen hands, no food in 27hrs n slept on plain floor. Stupid tramped up charges simply coz I said kagame was a young dictator.

Rwandair n its the co pilot who heard me in the queue at Entebbe airport calling kagame a young dictator n he alerted them n he even came n sat next to me on the flight.

1-do you take a drunk person to CID for more than 10hrs interrogation?
2- why did they react after seeing that loved ones r looking for me?
3- why refuse me a call but insist on keeping my phone on to the extent of re charging it?
4- why at some point you right on and or in a police detention book that no charge.,( clearly they didn’t have an idea on what to charge me with )
until last min they said I can return to Rwanda if only I can retract my statement which I firmly rejected n told them if only kagame doesn’t use the same rhetoric of ” people love me” like his big brother n change the constitution would I change my stance. This made me sit in convoys n empty VIP buses alone as I was seen as a threat. Mob tight security. Yes neighbor I love u but if deportation is my price I will take it. I love u #Kagame plz retire with dignity. Let Africa have some hope plz

By Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

Source: Facebook