“I will keep my words”, says Adeline Rwigara

Adeline Rwigara

By Arnold Gakuba

Adeline Mukangemanyi Rwigara, in her interview this morning 8th April 2021 with VOA, declares that she will never appeal to RIB and she will keep her words.

Madam Adelie Mukangemanyi Rwigara was supposed to appeal to RIB this Thursday 8th April 2021. However, she announces not to be ready as she has started memorial period for his relatives killed during genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

She has declared “They have no reason to call me when I have started to remember my relatives”. She has also added that she is mourning for her husband. 

Madam Rwigara affirms that what is being shared on social media are her own words and reaffirms that what she declared is both the truth and prophecy.  She says “I will never change my word” as she will never give up to call for justice