If there is anyone suffering and living in abject poverty in Rwanda, it’s Rwanda Defence Forces war casualties

By Gakwerere

Since 1990 up to present, the then Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) which is now Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) has sustained large numbers of war casualties due to different military campaigns.

Let me divide the war military casualties in these categories:

1) The casualties of the RPA rebellion campaign between 1990 – 1994.

2) Military casualties of the campaign against the insurgency in the north of Rwanda, between 1994 – 1996.

3) Military casualties of the campaign to remove President Mobutu Seseko, installing President Desire Kabila and his Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (ADFL) – 1996.

4) Military casualties from the 1998 Kitona military operation, where incompetent col James Kabarebe and his military amateur boss – criminal Paul Kagame sent young men to their deaths.

5) Military casualties from the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) war between 1998 – 2003, where the RDF fought against battle hardened Angolan and Zimbabwean forces who had come to support president Desire Kabila’s regime in places like Lubao, Kabalo, Manono, Moba, Kabamba, Moliro, Pweto Mbuji – Mayi…etc; battles also rage in areas along river Lualaba, Lukuga and Luvua in deep Kasai and Katanga land/plateau.

In this southern axis military campaign, the RDF with the puppet Congolese under The Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) who were mostly young swahili speaking boys/men from the Kivu region sustained unimaginable life losses and casualties. And one of the reasons for the high number of losses was due to shortages of medical logistical supplies and lack competent 1st aid personnel.

6) Casualties from the northern axis in this Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) war between 1998 – 2003. While in the Southern Axis, the RDF and its Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) where facing Angolan, Zimbabwean, government troops (FRDC), FDLR elements and CNDD – FDD elements; the northern Axis met strong resistance from untrained and undisciplined DR Congo government troops until Kisangani. It is in Kisangani that a war of egos and how to share spoils of war between Rwanda and Uganda erupted.

7) War casualties sustained in Ituri under the banner of Bosco Ntaganda and Thomas Lubanga. In early 2001, Rwanda’s intelligence services – Rwanda Defence forces started another front in the mineral rich area of Ituri. They appointed their senior cadres Thomas Lubenga who was “minister of defence” in the pro-Uganda Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation Movement and deputised by Bosco Ntaganda under the umbrella Union of Congolese Patriots(UPC).

* War casualties from CNDP rebellion campaign of Laurent Nkunda which began on 27 October 2008, known as the 2008 Nord-Kivu fighting. This two year war which was started by the Rwanda Defence Forces under the cover of CNDP and their frontman Laurent Nkunda uprooted around 200,000 civilians from their homes. The RDF sustained great number of casualties in this senseless war that enriched criminal Paul Kagame due to plundering DR Congo.

9) The casualties from the March 23 (Mouvement du 23 mars) military
campaign. This rebel group that was formed in Kigali by RDF in 2012, witnessed a great proportion of military casualties as a well armed and disciplined DR Congo forces (FRDC) under the operation command of late Col Mamadou Ndala and late Gen Ambamba Bahuma quashed the rebellion within a year – 2013. Later, DMI tracked these DR Congo patriots and successfully assassinated them.

10) since the end of 2016 to present, Rwanda’s spacial forces have been fighting against Burundi’s spacial forces in South Kivu especially through different proxies. From June, 2018, South Kivu is witnessing increased presence of different armed groups battling out. South Kivu is a focal point for an all out war boiling in the great lakes region.

With the above military campaigns and some that I may have not added, Rwanda has a great proportion of military casualties who have been neglected by criminal Paul Kagame who took these young men to unnecessary wars, military campaigns that their main objective was to plunder the wealthy of a sovereign neighbouring Country – DR Congo.

Over the years, due to destitution and poverty, these RDF war casualties have committed suicide rather than face a life of pettiness, humiliation and begging.

To my RDF comrades, always know that criminal Paul Kagame doesn’t give a damn about you. He only cares about sustaining power and his children. For you – comrades, refers to you as MAVI YAKUKU to use and dump when its usefulness is finished. A small clique of assassins, murderers, embezzlers…etc shouldn’t be allowed to abduct the country of your ancestors.