In Kagame’s Rwanda the art of infidelity starts from the highest office

James Musoni

By Gakwerere

Today, we woke up to gripping news of infidelity, betrayal and family destruction within the junta regime. There is nothing new with this story because the main culprit, the Minister – James Musoni, known in the junta government as super minister, was well known for snatching – infidelity with married women.

For years, James Musoni has used his position within the RPF party and the government, as a free path for sex corruption. Through sex corruption, he has used his political power position as a tool to award positions, government tenders and any other favours.

Today morning, Rtd captain Safari did the unthinkable, obviously, he must have been told by DMI to spill out the story and nothing will happen to him.

Rtd Captain Safari noted that he Educated her, educated her sister, financially helped the family and then legally married Kayitesi Immacule. Then the slay queen – Kayitesi Immaculate went on a path of destroying him, going out with super minister – James Musoni and having a child with him while still legally being married to him. She tried her best to imprison him only being saved by the high Court after accepting his documentation evidences. She then took all his wealth and totally making him poor.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kagame’s Rwanda where the art of infidelity starts from the highest office – the chief criminal’s room.

Below are exclusive photos of slay queen Kayitesi Immaculate, the woman at the centre of infidelity.