In this election comedy screening, it is Paul vs Kagame.

By Gakwerere

Few weeks ago when I noted on Rwanda’s coming comedy election, how it will be criminal Paul Kagame contesting against criminal Paul Kagame. In my remarks I pointed on the relationship between Frank Habineza, his Green Political Party and Rwanda’s directorate of Military Intelligency. These three entities are one; you can’t subtract one from another. General Kayumba Nyamwasa who was in a position of knowing, once told Itahuka radio that, “Rwanda’s green party was a creation of Rwanda’s intelligence services.”

In my thread, the neo – narcissist with attachment to the RPF terrorist organisation revamped with sarcasm denial, ignoring the facts on the ground, facts which takes us from the time when Mzee Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was brutally murdered, the subsequent reactions of Frank Habineza and the muting of the case. Currently, that case was binned by DMI agent Frank Habineza and his DMI created outfit – the green party.

What I had predicted to happen has now become a reality. Other presidential candidates have been denied their constitution rights to participate in the scam election. Kagame’s electoral commission has now approved two presidential aspirants that, is criminal Paul Kagame against Frank Habineza. In this election comedy screening, it is Paul vs Kagame.

In a preliminary list which was released by Kagame’s electoral commission, Diane Rwigara, Mwenedata Gilbert, Philippe Mpayimana and Ssekikubo Fred Brafinda; where all omitted for not fulfilling electoral requirements. Really which requirements?

Those who understand the workings of Kagame and his inner system will know that, the chair of the electoral Commission – Kalisa Mbanda, is merely an arm chair official who has no single control of this commission, apart from reading statements written by criminal Paul Kagme’s office and delivered through Gen Jack Nziza who acts as a real supervisor of this electoral commission.

For those who enjoy live horror comedy, the forth coming “presidential election” in Kagme’s enclave will pick the climax of ratings as the narcissistic ruler pronounces himself with Leninist results of 99%. The junta system thinks that they are fooling Rwandans, NOT at all. No Rwandan who doesn’t know that it’s a facade and a sham election.

As Abraham Lincoln noted, “you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the time.” By rewarding himself the third term, criminal Kagame has led himself and the Country to unprecedented path. His removal is sooner rather than later