In summer of 1994, a massive exodus by Rwandan ethnic HUTU took place. Millions of them crossed the border into DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

With them, their entire government including the military. After the fall of President Mobutu Sese Seko of then Zaire, HUTU ethnic population in DRC were scattered in jungles of DRC, as they were fleeing Rwandan Tutsi government which was killing them in hundreds of thousands.

Since then, FDLR (Front Democratic de Liberation du Rwanda) was born primarily to protect those HUTU refugees against Rwandan Government, but also as an Armed Opposition to Kigali (Capital of Rwanda).

I myself lived in few of those refugee camps in Eastern Congo, but was lucky enough to leave before they were destroyed by Rwandan Government.

Like many of Rwandans, I lost a lot of relatives and friends. In winter of 2012, I went back to see what’s left of Rwandan HUTU refugees I left over ten years ago