Intending to paint their quality of education, doctoring statistics has become a habit in Rwandan Education System

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By Frank Steven Ruta

Exclusive Interview with Aimable HABYARIMANA – a former IT of Higher Education Council ‘HEC’ who fled to the UK.

I had an exclusive Interview with Aimable to react to the HEC report of universities’ ranking for 2016 academic year (reportedly doctored) that appeared on HEC website last year.

The gentleman did not deny the practice of cooking statistics at his former place of work. “Yes, the ranking exercise was poorly conducted by a consultant & prematurely concluded, then we were told to do some painting for it to be ready for publication”.

The exercise was conducted in 2014, basing on how universities stood by then, however the report was published in 2016. “Data they had collected from universities in 2014 was no longer relevant after two years. I & collegues were told to change some institutions’ previous data. I was coerced to publish the incomplete and fabricated report on website.” He added.

Why didn’t you include Carnegie Mellon University in your ranking?

“Authorities didn’t want to expose themselves. Carnegie Mellon is something else. Comparing it with local universities would be very challenging.” He said

Apart from universities’ ranking report, is there any other reports that were doctored? “Absolutely, yes”.

Aren’t you fearful of having debunked the system?

“Of course. I wouldn’t say the same if I were in Rwanda. That would be a suicide. There would be reprisals by disgruntled authorities. I would be charged with disfiguring the image of the country.” He says.