Justin Bahunga, Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson-FDU-Inkingi


Following the new measures and tactics, taken by the repressive regime
of President Kagame to break down the morale of Mrs Victoire Ingabire
Umuhoza, the International Committee of the Red Cross visited her this
Tuesday 21, November 2017. The new tactics taken by the regime include
isolation, taking away all the minimum personal effects she was still
entitled to and a prohibition to talk to other prisoners.

The new psychological onslaught on Victoire Ingabire is taking place at
a time when all the attention is focussed on the politically motivated
trial of another presidential hopeful for 2017 elections, Ms Diane Shima
Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara.

Another unsung hero for democratic change Ms Leonille Gasengayire,
assistant treasurer of FDU- Inkingi is also on the list of 8 other
FDU-Inkingi members, on political trial. They were arrested on the 6th
of September 2017 and are still languishing in prison, having been
refused bail. There is no better sign to show the myth of women
empowerment and that the Rwandan regime awards the women who sing the
praises of “the Supreme Leader” Kagame, with posts in parliament and
punishes those who refuse to join the choir.

Since January 2010 when she arrived in Rwanda, Mrs Victoire Ingabire
Umuhoza, was subjected to physical and psychology harassment and ill
treatment outside and inside prison. She passed 5 years isolated in a
room with windows blackened to prevent natural light coming into the
room during which time she was approached by RPF officials including the
Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga to convince her to plead guilty and join
the RPF in exchange for her release. When it failed she was moved to the
common women’s prison wing.  She is now prohibited from interacting with
other women prisoners. The reason given for her ordeal and isolation is
that she is alleged to be organising meetings with other inmates.  In
other words, the ruling party is scared stiff of any voice inside the
prison walls that might misinterpret or deviate from the” Holy Gospel”
according to the Supreme Leader President Kagame.

FDU-Inkingi condemns once again the unhuman and degrading treatment of
its leader Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and calls on the international
community to put pressure on the Rwandan regime to treat her in
accordance with international conventions it is party to, in particular
the conventions against torture, unhuman and degrading treatment and on
minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners.

Done in London November 22, 2017

Justin Bahunga
Commissioner for external relations and spokesperson

Contacts: [email protected]

Phone: +44-7988-883-576