Is It Legal To Buy Twitch Followers?

According to Twitch’s Terms of Service, Twitch explicitly states that any user should not engage in any kind of artificial engagement. This concludes that Twitch is against fake followers of any form. Violating these rules could result in heavy penalties.

Does this mean it is not allowed to buy Twitch followers? The term “fake followers” is the key to be noted here. There’s nothing wrong with buying Twitch followers as long as they are not fake. It’s recommended to purchase from trusted platforms like GrowthMount.

Buying real Twitch followers is just like asking your friends and family to follow you to maximize your growth. Thus, there’s no harm in it.

Is It Legal To Buy Twitch Followers?

It is okay to buy Twitch followers as long as they come from real sources. Twitch only prohibits fake or any sort of artificial followers. GrowthMount is one legitimate service provider that has proved its name by consistently delivering top-notch, real followers. Buy Twitch followers from GrowthMount to ensure that you adhere to Twitch’s terms of service.

Many online service providers use followers obtained using bots or they use inactive accounts. Twitch algorithms easily detect such kinds of Twitch followers and it does not only

affect their organic growth but also puts their account in a suspicious place. Violating any of these terms by Twitch could result in penalties like warnings and suspensions to permanent bans.

If you are planning to invest on buying Twitch followers, then you must be more than 100% sure regarding the authenticity of your service provider.

How does buying Twitch followers help you increase your reach?

It is important to know that the key to long-term success on Twitch lies in consistent organic growth and meaningful content. If you’re looking to buy Twitch followers and expecting it a shortcut that you think will lead you to success, then it is not like that at all.

It is right that buying Twitch Followers is a unique approach to increasing your organic growth because when you buy Twitch Followers, it gives you a boost that signals the Twitch algorithm to promote your content and helps you go to Explorer and Recommendation tabs. This way, it helps you reach a broader range of organic audiences.

Here’s the perfect approach you should have when buying Twitch Followers Combine your efforts, consistency, and high-quality content with the boost of Twitch Followers. This combination will help you achieve consistent Twitch growth.

How to Find The Best Site to Buy Twitch Followers?

Many parameters come into play when selecting the right platform to buy Twitch followers. Below, I’ve precisely mentioned the most significant ones of them

  • Stable Accounts: Always go for the platforms that guarantee stable Twitch followers. Unstable followers are mostly fake and easy to get flagged by platform algorithms.
  • Packages and Prices: The right platform will never under or overcharge you for Twitch followers. Don’t get fooled by paying pennies for Twitch followers because such cheap followers are bot-generated.
  • Reviews: Never trust the platform’s site reviews because they’re mostly fake. Instead, have a word about different service providers within different communities and gather first-hand experiences to make an informed decision.
  • Customer Support Care: Responsive and active customer support desk should be one of your major concerns when buying Twitch followers. Always get your queries answered and buy with peace of mind.

Can You Get Banned For Buying Twitch Followers?

You won’t get banned if you buy Twitch followers from GrowthMount as they deliver high-quality followers backed up by real profiles. However, opting for alternative platforms involves risk as many of them use fake followers. Twitch does not allow any form of fake engagement. Therefore, you may get banned if you buy fake Twitch followers.


There’s nothing to worry about as long as you’re buying genuine Twitch followers. Twitch policies are only against fake increments of followers and engagement. Therefore, it is legal to buy Twitch followers.

After thorough research and trials with different Twitch service providers, I have found GrowthMount as the number one site to buy Twitch followers. Their service boasts genuine followers coming from stable Twitch accounts. For those seeking a dependable source to efficiently acquire authentic followers to boost their organic growth, I confidently recommend GrowthMount.

Moreover, you can always establish a long-lasting base by focusing on your organic growth. Buying Twitch followers is another tool that helps you achieve your dreams!