DENIAL: arguing against an anxiety provoking stimuli by stating it does not exist. on this one Kagame denied the report of the UN experts about his involvement in supporting M23 and requested for another team of experts.

DISPLACEMENT:taking out impulses on a less threatening target. when some european countries cut off their aids to rwanda, Kagame created the Agaciro foundation and forced his people to put in money not willingly but by force.

PROJECTION: placing unacceptable impulses in yourself onto someone else. Kagame after loosing aids from european countries, he said the aid was nothing.

RATIONALISATION: supplying a logical or rational reason as opposed to the real reason. Kagame is saying that is being targeted because he refused to do what europeans wanted him to do.

SUBLIMATION: acting out unacceptable impulses in a socially acceptable way. When officiating the agaciro foundation, Kagame described himself as a shock absober.

Ndayiringiye Silas


  1. You who make yourself the judge of others, do you think you are just? Who gave you the power to judge others? only God will judge human justly, because we are all culpit. No one is innocent. But as we are in the world where the reason or argument of the powerful is always the best…what can we do? Some have choosen to fight till the end (Kadafi and Sadam), other have choosen to report themeselves ( Bagbo and Hosni) other fly aways before it become worse( Ben Ali…) Other suicid themeselves (Hitler).But i think to run away before the worse happen is the best option. But where to run from this village world?

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