JAMBO ASBL’s remarks on proposed law number 54K2634

JAMBO is a non-profit organisation created in Belgium in January 2008 with the aim of promoting peace, reconciliation, socio-cultural exchanges and carrying out sustainable development projects in the African Great Lake’s region, and with its diaspora.

In July 2017, a bill was proposed in Belgium that aims to sanction the denial, minimisation, justification or approval of the genocide committed in Rwanda in 1994.

JAMBO recognises the genocide against Tutsi and supports the purpose of the proposed law. However, we noted the presented law had shortcomings that if passed could stigmatise the Hutu, stifle liberty, and fuel tensions among Belgian citizens, in particular those of Rwandan origin.

In September 2017, just before JAMBO sends out its remarks, a revised proposed bill was published with some of our key concerns not considered. JAMBO then arranged for a citizen debate to take place in the Belgium parliament on March 1, 2018 but this was unexpectedly cancelled due to political and diplomatic pressure.