Jet Lag May End Your Ambition Of Staying In Power Until 2034 And Beyond – Letter To President Paul Kagame

Dear Sir, you look very tired. Your long journeys are taking a heavy toll on your body. The human body is fragile. In the past three months, you travelled to 11 destinations on 3 continents:

  1. India;
  2. Mali;
  3. Switzerland;
  4. Ethiopia;
  5. Germany;
  6. United Kingdom;
  7. United States;
  8. Hong Kong;
  9. China;
  10. Italy; and back to
  11. United States.

What about your health – remember, your new constitution allows you to stay in power until 2034. And of course you may even be tempted to hang on until 2050 when your new vision 2050 is realized.

You see, jet lag – medically referred to as desynchronosis – alters the body’s rhythms due long distance trans-meridian (east – west or west – east) journeys on high-speed aircraft. And your $60 million Gulfstream jet is very fast.

Besides, take pity on the Rwandan nation. Your trips are very costly running into several millions of dollars for a poor country of per capita income of $697. I can understand the return on investment from state visits to donors like China. But conferences and conversations with university students? I don’t get it.

Anyhow, if you wish to see your dream of ruling Rwanda for a couple more decades, spare your body. With biology, you cannot amend like your constitution.

Warmest Regards,

David Himbara