Jump Yourself Fit & Healthy with Trampoline

Is trampoline only for children? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With jumping fitness, trampoline jumping has become a cool trend sport. Take a look at the best trampolines for adults here.

Effective full body workout

Trampoline jumping is the perfect workout for the whole body. If you regularly hop for ten to 20 minutes two to three times a week, you can achieve noticeable results. Because jumping on a trampoline gets every cell in the body going, with a healthy interplay of tension and relaxation. You are training:

  • Muscles, tendons and ligaments,
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system and
  • Improve your sense of balance and coordination.

If you are active on the trampoline for more than 20 minutes, you will even boost your fat burning. And after an hour, you’ve burned about 750 calories.

Trampoline jumping is good for bones and joints

Another plus point: The soft jumping mat and the suspension hardly put any strain on the holding and supporting apparatus. Orthopedic complaints are therefore extremely rare when jumping on a trampoline. Even better: you can even prevent them. Because the pressure on the jumping surface strengthens the bones and thus works against osteoporosis. Tension and back pain are also relieved by swaying back and forth.

Buying tips for the trampoline

You can train at home with your own trampoline. When buying a mini trampoline or jumping trampoline, make sure that it is “Trampoline.Guide” and has good padding. The information on the user weight is also important. This should match your body weight so that your trampoline has optimal rebound properties. If in doubt, seek advice from a sports retailer.

Jumping fitness in the studio

If you prefer to jump in a group, so-called jumping courses in the gym are the right thing to do.  Join a class that utilizes gym management software to make scheduling easier and streamline your training experience. Jumping fitness is demanding endurance training on a mini trampoline with a handle. The rhythm is jumping to faster music – in combination with various aerobic steps in which arms and legs are used. Strengthening and stretching exercises round off the training.

Warning, risk of injury: you should pay attention to this on the trampoline

Start with light exercises and only jump as high as you can coordinate. Because the higher you jump, the stronger the impact. This can put stress on the Achilles tendons. Over time you gain experience and security and can increase your standards. As with any other sport, it takes practice. When you finish your workout, dismount as normal. You should never just jump off the trampoline as this can lead to injury.

Trampoline jumping is healthy: what training on the trampoline does for your health

Even if many still consider it a toy: jumping on a trampoline is not only a lot of fun, it is also a real workout. Good for health, coordination and general fitness.

The American NASA has already determined this in a scientific study. Since then, astronauts have been trained on trampolines after being in weightlessness.

According to studies, trampoline jumping is significantly more effective and efficient in endurance training, strengthening the cardiovascular system and training coordination. But the muscles are also really strained when jumping on the trampoline.

Nevertheless, it is easy on the joints, especially on very good trampolines. Here I would always use a model with a good cable suspension.

So it’s no wonder that the benefits of jumping on the trampoline are being recognized more and more in medicine. Often under the more modern term ” rebounding “, which of course comes from the English-speaking area. Let’s take a look at the benefits of proper trampoline training.

Strengthening of the heart and endurance

Even a casual trampoline workout, where you don’t do much more than jump a little, already strengthens the cardiovascular system. If you measure your pulse, which I like to do during training, you will notice how it skyrocketed.

This is how you strengthen your heart and endurance with fun and above all in a short period of time. Because just 10 minutes a day are enough to make good progress. You notice that when you have to go up a flight of stairs and don’t run out of breath straight away. Even on longer walks, you will notice significantly better endurance and recovery.

With rebounding you not only strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve endurance, but you also burn calories properly. If you notice after a few weeks that your endurance has improved in everyday life and in sports, then you should make the training a little more intense. Or increase the duration of the training.

With the intensity you can, for example, hop or incorporate movements with arms and legs. Rotary movements are particularly useful here. Going on your knees while jumping also increases the intensity enormously. The deeper you bend your knees, the greater the strain.

Abs, legs and buttocks training

Bouncing on the trampoline also ensures a firm stomach, legs and bottom. Because especially the thighs and the abdominal muscles are intensively trained here. Training for these parts of the body is particularly good if you alternately pull up your knees while jumping or build lunges. Because that puts a lot of strain on the muscles in the legs and buttocks.

I also find the training particularly good for stabilizing the core muscles . Because when jumping on a trampoline, the back muscles and abdominal muscles have to be constantly tense in order to stay upright during training.

Good endurance training on the rebounder

Of course, it doesn’t compare to the stress of weight training, but the endurance training is really good. The focus here is not on building up the muscles, but on strengthening and, as the name suggests, endurance. While a heavy bodybuilder can lift enormous weights, he usually can’t do it very often. That is what strength endurance means. Move lower weights often longer. That’s the way much more practical in daily life to train as a maximum strength.

Because with better strength endurance, the muscle does not tire as quickly during exertion. This is especially important in everyday life. Because the core muscles keep the back stable even after many hours at the PC at work. You also need a high level of endurance in the core and leg muscles when cycling. Otherwise you will quickly have to deal with pain.