Kagame and Arsenal Football Club Kissed and Made up after the Rwandan Strongman Made it Clear He Would Not Tolerate Mediocrity

By David Himbara

After General Paul Kagame lectured Arsenal that “we must not excuse or accept mediocrity”, the team swang into action. Mikel Arteta, Arsenal Manager conceded that Kagame was right in reminding the football club to reject mediocrity. Kagame paid-up – Arsenal promptly confirmed that the Kagame regime will continue to pay the club £10 million a year for four years for wearing “visit Rwanda” on shirt sleeves.

General Paul Kagame is a fanatic supporter of Arsenal

After the Rwandan head of state general Paul Kagame lectured Stanley Kroenke, the owner of Arsenal, that mediocrity was not acceptable, they kissed and made up. Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, promptly responded to Kagame, saying that Arsenal will not settle for mediocrity. In Arteta’s own words, “I totally agree with that.” Arsenal then confirmed that the partnership with the Kagame regime has been renewed: “We are also pleased to confirm that Visit Rwanda will continue to feature on our men’s, women’s and academy kits. As our official sleeve sponsor and tourism partner, we will continue to support Rwanda’s strategic investment to rebuild and grow the tourism industry following the coronavirus pandemic.” The Kagame regime will pay Arsenal £10 million a year for wearing “visit Rwanda” on their shirt sleeves for four years. Stay tuned.