Kagame And Mpambara Appeared Troubled As They Separated

By David Himbara

The General and his brutal enforcer were supposed to look happy. After all, the General had just made his brutal enforcer a cabinet minister. But both looked troubled. This moment marked an end of a brutal partnership that excelled at four things:

(1) accumulate and centralize power as an end in itself;

(2) smash political enemies without mercy;

(3) instil fear across national institutions;

(4) spy on everybody. Kizito Mihigo will forever remind Rwandans the notoriety of Paul Kagame and Ines Mpambara.

It was Mpambara who gave Mihigo the deadly ultimatum: apologize to Kagame for your reconciliation song, or you die.

Mihigo was later to die in police custody as did another man Mpambara had hated with passion. Dr Emmanuel Gasakure who was Kagame’s personal doctor was killed at the same Remera police station five years before Mihigo.