Kagame Asked Why Rwanda’s Child Malnutrition Rates Are Among The Worst In The World

By David Himbara

Kagame Asked Why Rwanda’s Child Malnutrition Rates Are Among The Worst In The World— His Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente Answered The Question

When on the first day of the National Leadership held on February 26, 2018, Kagame threatened to lock up public servants, he was perturbed by one particular issue.

As he put it to terrified national leaders gathered in front of him,

“Why is Rwanda among the worst performers in the world In child malnutrition? Why is hunger spreading even among Rwandan adults?

On the second day of the retreat, Kagame’s prime minister Edouard Ngirente provided the answers.

Kagame and his prime minister Ngirente.

The prime minister explained in Kinyarwanda as follows:

”Haracyari n’umuco kandi wo guhimba imibare mu gihe bagiye gutangaza za raporo zabo, ibyo bikatwicira igenamigambi kuko iyo batanze imibare idahuye bituma tutamenya uko ubuzima bw’igihugu bwitwaye.”

Translated into English, the prime minister’s words were as follows:

”There is a culture of making up statistics when public officials submit various reports. This renders planning unattainable. Further, this makes it impossible to ascertain the realities in the country.”

Prime minister Ngirente was not done. He further explained that Rwanda faces far bigger problems than child malnutrition and poverty. The entire vision of lifting Rwanda from poverty was already doomed. The prime minister revealed that only 8 (15%) of the 52 goals of Rwanda Vision 2020 has been fully implemented — with two years left to reach 2020 when Rwanda is supposed to become a middle-income country. In other words, the past 18 years of implementing Rwanda Vision 2020, have been empty talk with little to show in terms of results.

The prime minister is confirming what we already know. For example, we learned from the IMF that the Kagame regime has quietly admitted to the total failure of Rwanda Vision 2020. In its January 2018 report, the IMF stated that the Rwandan authorities are “are crafting a revised medium-term development strategy with the goal of achieving middle-income status by 2035.” The vision that was to be achieved by 2020 is delayed by 15 years — if at all it will be achieved, even then.

Kagame, you are a disgrace.