Kagame Buys Arsenal F.C.(😂 Satire)

Former Rwandan president Paul Kagame, who was recently sighted in Switzerland, and is said to be headed to France, has entered a new business. He has purchased his favorite English team Arsenal Football Club. Part of Kagame’s global travels is to promote his team.


When asked by journalists how he intends to run the team, Kagame responded that he will apply the leadership style he used as president of Rwanda. He said that he would control everything if the team is to win again. Kagame said he must handle all positions — owner, manager, marketing director, and head of finance.

We wish the former Rwandan head of state a successful new endeavor. He has found his true passion. No doubt, under Kagame’s stewardship, Arsenal F.C. will start winning again. The team is finally in more capable hands.😂