Kagame Can Quickly End Keregeya ’s Inquest And Restore Relations With South Africa

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame can quickly end the Karegeya Inquest and restore relations with South Africa. Kagame can end the inquest by allowing two prime suspects in Karegeya’s death to have their day in court in South Africa.

Failing that, arrangements can be made for the prime suspects to be tried in Rwanda with South African judicial officials participating in the trial.

The first prime suspect is Apollo Kirisisi Gafaranga. It is indisputable that days before his death, Karegeya fetched Gafaranga from Oliver Tambo International Airport and drove him to the Michelangelo Hotel.

It is widely known that Gafaranga had spent years earning Karegeya’s trust and had traveled to South Africa at least four times — always staying at Karegeya’s home.

On the fateful day of January 1, 2014, Karegeya was found dead in the hotel room after failing to respond to phone calls and text messages. Gafaranga was gone, taking only his cellphone and wallet and leaving his suitcase in the hotel room.

The second prime suspect is Lieutenant Colonel Francis Gakwere who was among the Rwandans arrested in Maputo, Mozambique, for Karegeya’s murder. Gakwerere and company were let go by the Mozambique authorities without trial. Over to you, General Kagame. Take the initiative to restore good relations with South Africa.