Kagame Closure Of Uganda Border And Nyungwe Fighting Destroying Rwanda Tourism

Nyugwe Forest is Rwanda’s leading tourist attraction

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame does the opposite of what Nigerians advise — ”engage mind before engage mouth.” Case in point is Kagame actions against Uganda and Burundi, two countries geographically linked to Rwanda. France is the first country to issue a travel advisory to its citizens traveling to three areas in Rwanda — Border with Uganda, border with Burundi/Nyungwe Forest, and Volcanoes National Park, home to the famed gorillas. France warns its citizens not to travel near the Uganda border ”due to the current tensions between Rwanda and Uganda and the risk of blocking the land border.” On the Volcanoes National Park, France says there is a risk of ”an incident.” On Burundi border and Nyungwe Forest, France says:

”Border with Burundi — Nyungwe Forest: Following recent incidents in and around the Nyungwe Forest, it is not advisable to trek through the Nyungwe Forest and cross the forest through National Road 6 to or from Nyamagabe.”

Dear General, you are a danger to Rwanda, the Great Lakes, and even to yourself. Your own future is murky. Look to the north — Sudan and Bashir. That’s your fate.