Kagame Conceals Some Of His Foreign Trips – The Case Of His 7-11 January 2020 US Travel.

By David Himbara

General Kagame’s aircraft EI-LSN landings on 11–14 January 2020.

Aviation experts who read my writings on General Paul Kagame’s trips laughed at me. They told me that my report of 59 overseas events Kagame attended in 2019 was inaccurate. He travels more extensively overseas but conceals some trips, the experts said. I normally learn about Kagame’s foreign trips via the public events he attends overseas. That is how I established, for example, that Kagame attended the Future Sustainability Summit in Abu Dhabi from 13 to 14 January 2020. The aviation enthusiasts use tracking tools, and are able to determine the flight paths and destinations of Kagame’s aircrafts registration number EI-LSN and 2-GJJA. That is why they see more of Kagame trips than we do.

Kagame aircrafts EI-LSN and 2-GJJA.

Apparently, Kagame landed at Teterboro Airport, USA, onboard his EI-LSN which bears the colours of the Rwandan flag. Located only 19 km from Midtown Manhattan, New York City, Teterboro Airport is in the US state of New Jersey. It remains unclear, however, what Kagame was doing in America. Nonetheless, he left Teterboro Airport abroad his EI-LSN on January 11, 2020, refueling in Valancia, Spain, on January 12, before proceeding to Abu Dhabi on the same day. Kagame attended the Future Sustainability Summit in Abu Dhabi from 13 to 14 January 2020. He landed in Kigali on 14 January, before proceeding to Mozambique on January 15, 2020.

What does this episode show?

Kagame rules Rwanda as his personal property. It does not occurs to him that he is a public servant accountable to the people of Rwanda. He travels overseas in secret, and suddenly resurfaces whenever he wants. The Rwandan taxpayers remain in the dark. The known Kagame trips in 2019 numbered 59 which is simply insane. That may be the tip of iceberg. The unknown trips last year will likely remain concealed. What does 2020 hold?

Stay tuned.