Kennethy Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch

This article is written to commend and support the remarkable work of the Human Rights Watch.

On 19 October 2017, Rwandan parliament attacked the work of the human rights watch, particularly on the person of its head Kenneth Ross; where some members of the house went on to yell insults that described Mr. Kenneth Roth as ‘a dog and Genocider’. These attacks are nothing but a strategy that has enabled this cruel rule to survive and go away with immense atrocities it committed during and post-genocide.  It worked for them when they attacked Ms. Del Ponte who was the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to have their way. But this time it must be stopped. We the ordinarily Rwandans commend the work of Human Rights Watch and other organization that standing up for the rights of voiceless Rwandans.  Because of your presence and work in Rwanda, One or Two lives are spared from death in the ‘butcher man’s’ slaughter chambers. We applaud you and say ‘courage’!

As a voice of the voiceless Rwandans, we wish to reiterate our disapproval of the insults that were spewed by the Rwandan Parliament to the Human Rights Watch.

This voice conveys the gratitude and requests for all Rwandan people to the head of the Human Rights Watch and other rights groups that are faithfully discharging their duties, that, though your work seems to be ‘anathema’ to Paul Kagame’s cruel entourage for obvious reasons, it’s a blessing to Rwandan masses and we applaud you for this integrity.

Only Kagame and his mercenaries will denounce you but not the victims of this torturer you advocate for.

Expect even to see government organized marches flocking the streets of Kigali with the aim to intimidate your staff and other organization in Rwanda, demanding the praise for Kagame and his regime.


  1. There is neither a country nor institutions in Rwanda; all government bodies were hijacked by Paul Kagame mercenaries which is why he (Kagame), finds it difficult to explain the difference between him and Rwanda. his perspective of Rwanda is that ‘Rwanda is Paul Kagame and Paul Kagame is Rwanda’ and that Paul Kagame’s enemies are enemies of Rwanda.   


  1. Because they have so much to hide and so much to lose if the truth is exposed to the deceived world.

Wherefore, intimidation and silencing the independent voices in Rwanda and closing the international window remains the only game in play by this ‘ruthless maniac’ who deceives himself and his worshipers that he is on top of the world and no governing orders or norms can stop his cruel motives.

Hence, forcing you to apologize is intended to use your apology to:

  • Clear their dented name in presence of those they beg money and derive the power to legitimise their oppressive rule.
  • Use your apology to rubbish all other pending human rights reports as baseless and reference them to your apology.
  • Use your apology in playing the victim card in internationally to win sympathy.
  • Physically and mentally double torment and torture their victims, with despicable statements of how NO ONE in this whole world could save the victims out of their hands.

Don’t fall into this Kagame’s trap like many others did previously, instead hold them countable even more, and ask for all facts from Rwandans they have them. Ask other countries which ratified the universal declared human rights and the united nations convention against Torture  (UNCAT) to back up your cause by enacting tough decisions on Rwanda including terminating diplomatic relations or membership with the Kagame regime.

Threatening Rwandan masses and organizations that speak for them is what the Ruthless Maniac does best since 1994. Therefore, you must stop Paul Kagame’s threats to international organizations because unlike the oppressed Rwandans, you’ll never queue before his office to beg for funds, justice or life.  This intimidation and insults directed towards human rights watch should also expose the publicly concealed threats dispensed daily by this cruel regime towards the marginalized everyday citizen of Rwanda, who are captives of this cruel maniac.  It is worth to recall that Kagame cruel system of governance revived for all these 23 years on a false image which is earned through intimidations and bribes.  This must end now if they ban the human rights groups or any other organization from operating in Rwanda, all other organizations and diplomats must respond in solidarity of the banned party by banning Kagame and his officials internationally. This can include expelling all Rwanda representatives in the UN, Commonwealth, diplomats, and in other regional organization. Since they prefer to live in a lawless country in which human laws are withdrawn to authorize an individual to freely operate a human butchery, let them create and live in that world which not the planet earth where these laws are inapplicable.



  • Find a better way of protecting relatives and survivors of Kagame cruel machinery to allow them to testify freely.
  • Don’t accept people who pose as victims to testify, remember that Rwanda, is a lawless state, identify cards with names of the disappeared victims will be issued to imposters who will be staged for photo shoots and claim to be alleged victims, as long as complaining and intimidated families remain silenced.
  • Don’t give Kagame any ingredient to spice up his propaganda. We all know that your reports on human rights abuse in Kagame’s military and police torture chambers are based on factual information that was carefully documented, therefore don’t succumb to any pressure to behave otherwise.



Richard R. Kayumba