Kagame Cruising Ahead To Acquire Nuclear Power From Russia😂

By David Himbara

A nuclear power plant costs more that Rwanda’s GDP and is larger than Rwanda’s four annual budgets combined.

The East African has reported that General Paul Kagame and his regime have “approved an agreement with Russia to advance the use of nuclear energy.” The newspaper adds that “The deal was boosted in May when a Russian government nuclear parastatal, Rosatom Global, reached an agreement to set up the nuclear plant.” The East African further says that it spoke to the Russian officials who confirmed Russia has already negotiated agreements with different institutions including the Rwanda Development Board.

Kagame lives in fantasy land – Rwanda will never afford nuclear power in his lifetime.

In Toronto, Canada, the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station cost US$11 billion. That is more than Rwanda’s Gross Domestic Product which was US$9.5 billion in 2018. US$11 billion is nearly Rwanda’s annual budget for four years – Rwanda’s annual stands at US$3 billion.