Kagame Destroyed Rwanda’s Top Military Leadership.

By David Himbara

With Uganda’s Military Power on Display at His Doorstep in Eastern DR Congo, the Rwandan Strongman Is Panicking and Rushing to Promote Hundreds of Middle Military Rank Officers.

General Paul Kagame destroyed Rwanda’s top military leadership. Because of Paranoia which makes him fearful of being overthrown, none of the top military officers that came with him from Uganda are still serving.

Kagame either dumped them into poverty inside Rwanda, or exiled, or imprisoned them. Here is a sample of top military leaders that Kagame destroyed:

1) General Sam Kaka, former Chef of Staff;

2) General Kayumba Nyamwasa, former Chief of Staff;

3) General Charles Kayonga, former Chief of Defence Staff;

4) General Patrick Nyamvumba, former Chief of the Rwandan Defence Force;

5) General Charles Muhire, former Air Force Chef of Staff;

6) General Karake Karenzi, former chief of National Intelligence and Security Services;

7) General Frank Rusagara, secretary general of the Defense Ministry;

8) General Richard Rutatina; and

9) General Emmanuel Ndahiro, former head of National Intelligence and Security Services.

With Uganda’s military power on the display in next door DR Congo, Kagame is panicking.

He just promoted 460 men from the rank of Major to Lt Colonel, and 472 from Captain to Major.

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