Kagame Dumped Angolans Managing King Faisal Hospital

Kagame at King Faisal Hospital

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame has a dream of turning King Faisal Hospital (KFH) into East Africa’s health centre of excellence. There is one problem though. He changes KFH’s management as he changes his shirts. Kagame just terminated the contract with Angolan private firm Oshen HealthCare.

Oshen HealthCare began managing KFH in February 2017. The Angolans were to invest US$23 million initially, and would equip the 160-bed hospital with modern facilities and recoup its investment within the five years. Kagame has dumped the Angolans after two years.

Kagame has hired and fired South Africans, Americans, Indians, and now the Angolans to run KFH. Nothing seems to work. His dream of turning KFH into East Africa’s heath centre of excellence remains a nightmare. The nightmare began in 1998. That is when Netcare South Africa signed an agreement to manage KFH for five years. Kagame kicked them barely two years into the contract.