Kagame Dumped ”Ugandans” From Top Government Positions

By David Himbara

General Patrick Nyamvumba was fired on April 27, 2020. He was the last “Ugandan” to hold a ministerial position in substantive portfolio in Rwanda. General Paul Kagame has been purging the ”Ugandans” that came to Rwanda with him from top government positions. Anyone who came from Uganda in the 1990s is an endangered species. There is no ”Ugandan” left in strategic ministries including:

  • Defence;
  • Internal Security;
  • Finance and Economic Planning;
  • Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; and
  • Local Government.

Kagame has also purged the “Ugandans” from top military positions including:

  • Minister of Defence;
  • Chief of Defence Staff;
  • Military Intelligence;
  • Military Training.

In other branches of the state, Kagame purged the Ugandans from the position of:

  • Chief Justice.

The revolution keeps eating its children. Stay tuned.