Kagame Easily Traced When He Vanishes From Rwanda

General Paul Kagame was last seen in public on July 12, 2019, attending the Quadripartite Summit in Luanda, Angola. He then vanished. Because he rules Rwanda as his personal property, he disappears from the public view without informing the people who pay his salary — Rwandans. He is accountable to no one.

But unknown to Kagame, he is easily traceable through various web-based applications. Take for example Flightradar24, a Swedish internet-based application that shows real-time aircraft flight information. Flightradar24 includes flight tracks, origins and destinations, flight numbers, aircraft types, positions, altitudes, headings and speeds. Flightradar24 also shows previous tracks and historical flight data by an aircraft, aircraft type, area or airport.

Fellow Rwandans, there you go. Use Flightradar24 to find your ruler. By the way, you will shortly see him in public.