Kagame Ends His Brief Visit To Rwanda 😂 (Satire)

By David Himbara


After his brief visit to Rwanda, former president Paul Kagame said farewell to President Ines Mpambara and her government. Having arrived in Rwanda on May 25, 2018, Kagame left the country on June 3, 2018. The former president insisted that he could only manage to visit Rwanda for ten days.

As the former president prepared to depart Rwanda, a reporter asked him two questions:

  • Had Kagame managed to visit the devastated regions of Rwanda by heavy rains and landslides that killed hundreds and left thousands homeless? Kagame replied that he did not have time for that.
  • What are Kagame’s next destinations and when might he visit Rwanda again? Kagame told the reporter that ”it was none of his business.”


At that point, President Mpambara bid Kagame farewell. She told him that she hoped he would visit Rwanda in the near future.😂