Kagame Gives A Speech On His Visit To Rwanda

By David Himbara

On his recent visit to Rwanda on March 31, 2017, His Excellence Paul Kagame made the following speech:

* Dear Compatriots,
* Ladies and Gentlemen;
* Fellow Rwandans:

It is great to be back and visit you after sometime. I bring good news. I can share with you that Rwanda is becoming more and more famous around the world – everywhere I travel I hear nothing but great things about the land of a thousand hills.

Everywhere I go regardless what continent, they talk of Rwandan technological revolution, the fastest growing African economic lion, and the environmental, as well as educational breakthroughs.

Fellow Rwandans:

It is of course true – the economic growth and development of this country is simply amazing especially in Kigali where accommodation, transportation, arts, entertainment, and conference facilities are the best in Africa. This is already proving to be the new foundation of our economy – mark my words, tourism is already the source of new jobs to many people and revenue to the country. It is already improving the living standard of many Rwandans as we race towards Vision 2020.

Harvard University people are impressed I can assure you. So are the Chinese, the Indians – and even the Pope. They are all familiar with our advancement in environment, luxurious hotels, car service, 24 hrs electricity, clean water supply, and zero criminal activities. We are the best. And of course no poor people anywhere in sight.

Fellow Rwandans, on that note, I must now take leave of you to prepare for my next destination. I promise to visit you soon. You are always in my heart.

But before I end my speech, I should warn you about the negative fake writings about my current status in Rwanda. There are some Ibigarasha writers who claim that I rule this country by remote control since I am always in the air. These people are extremely backward. With modern technology in my $60 million Gulfstream jet, and my $20,000 a day presidential suites in top hotels, I am connected to cabinet ministers 24/7. Occasional visit to Rwanda to iron out any minor misunderstanding here and there is more than enough.

I must prepare to depart now. Wait until you see what I will bring for you on my next visit to Rwanda – the railway to connect us to both the Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam seaports.

May the good Lord bless you.